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Anti-Blister Gloves

gloves that are used to prevent blisters from forming across palm and thumb
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gloves that are made up of a wide strip of neoprene that covers top half of palm and inside of thumb to prevent blisters that form when engaged in activities as varied as:

kayaking, rafting, climbing rope, sliding down banisters, sword fighting, quarterstaff combat, paintball newbies holding marker too tightly, biking, using hand and/or power tools, pull upping, lifting weights, holding onto public transportation, using writing implements, and other household chores.

tcarson, May 27 2006


       Isn't blister prevention a primary purpose for most work gloves?
Galbinus_Caeli, May 27 2006

       Right...Baked; anti-blister gloves
jellydoughnut, May 27 2006

       A rubber strip wou;d make worse blisters, not to mention rubber-burns. What you need is a Teflon strip. Something with LOW friction.   

DesertFox, May 27 2006


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