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The Third Glove

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The Third Glove allows two people to fully hold hands on a cold day.

On the outside it looks like two pairs of hands with interlocking fingers, but the inside is actually an open space, permitting the hands to come into full skin to skin contact. Comes in all permutations of non-matching hand sizes.

xenzag, Feb 09 2008

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[tatterdemalion, Feb 09 2008]

The Third Sleeve siamese_20sleeve_20of_20seduction
[theleopard, Feb 10 2008]


       I thought it would be a spare glove sold with every pair.
notmarkflynn, Feb 10 2008

       [UnaBubba], I think the important text here is 'cold day' - though I admit that such things can be hard to imagine in an Australian February, I can remember them from my past life, so I'm [+]ing this.
pertinax, Feb 10 2008

       + awwhhh! How romantic!
xandram, Feb 10 2008


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