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Texting Gloves

Leave your fingers free to type
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Often I see people texting one-handed (sic - Nothing to do with one handed browsing!).

Supporting / cradelling the mobile device with one or two hands whilest typing with thumbs, or supporting the device in one hand, and typing with the index finger of the other. Both systems are inefficient as they don't allow for maximum data throughput.

This idea is to have a pair of gloves which have an extra structure on the wrists or the backs of the hands, which slot together to form a stable platform for resting the mobile device and leaves fingers free to type / multi-point select.

(The possibly of extra docking facilities such as an extra battery or Wifi link has been ignored.)

Dub, Apr 02 2011

Can you build your mechanism into one of mine? Dual purpose! Hardcover_20Glove
[normzone, Apr 07 2011]


       do you have to be double-jointed?
po, Apr 02 2011

       How about an add-on to your texting handset, allowing you to speak the message into it instead?
pocmloc, Apr 02 2011

       pocmloc, Android phones already do that.   

       I dunno about this idea, but it would be good to have a glove that holds your phone in the palm so that you can't drop it.
DIYMatt, Apr 03 2011

       It seems people are already wearing such a glove.
rcarty, Apr 03 2011

       if the gloves had motion sensors and built in electronics - no need for the cellphone at all. just type in the air.
sqeaketh the wheel, Apr 07 2011


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