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Very Special Gloves

Drop no more
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It may or may not be immediately obvious but I have a massive hangover, the inexperienced amongst you would assume therefore that I would be writing this from my sick bed or even on a computer close to a bucket, this is not so, as they say in the business I am flying without a rope. This is however NOT relevant to my new extraordinary idea, grip no more gloves. I was left in feeling of shock when a friend of mine told me a tragic story of when quite recently he dropped a marble table on his leg, if only his grip was strong enough I thought. Well what if his grip didn't need to be strong. My gloves are disposable and made of a magic material, they appear to the untrained eye to be simple rubber gloves not so. Simply place the hand in the desired position on the object to be lifted, add water and watch as the glove hardens in the desired grip they do ALL the work (except the lifting). Oh, after 5 minutes they dissolve giving off a lovely smell.
Mr Risk, Mar 28 2003


       The idea title is juuust on the wrong side of sinister.
my face your, Mar 28 2003

       limpet gloves using limpet glue
po, Mar 28 2003

       Sometimes you open your very soul to people and they spit at it, and sometimes they don't.
Mr Risk, Mar 28 2003

       It's a Risk you have to take. Plaster (of Paris) gloves?
FarmerJohn, Mar 28 2003

       Can you not get attachable handles with straps for this kind of lifting of awkward objects? I can't find anything on Google, but i'm sure they exist.
pottedstu, Mar 28 2003

       (1) Goes on hands
(2) improves grip
(3) Disposable
(4) dissolve after 5 mins
(5) add water and hardens to fit

       Use chalk, like a climber does, but without sweating your way up a mountain. This satisfies (1) - (4).   

       A subtle difference to satisfy (5) - use plaster of paris. Let me know how it works out. Type with your toes if necessary.
FloridaManatee, Mar 28 2003

       //magic material//   

       You've got to be careful, around here, using such terminology... However, it seems reasonable enough that you could add some sort of setting agent to some sort of rubbery material. Don't know about the 5 mins thing, though
yamahito, Mar 28 2003

       Aw, c'mon, this is fully Baked in function. Go to any hardware store and purchase a G-clamp with rubber coating. Once fastened in place, the G-clamp will give you something you can grip nicely and firmly, and can be removed in much less than 5 minutes. Then splash yourself all over with Chanel No. 5.   

       No need for any magic.
DrCurry, Mar 28 2003

       The Scotchcast material they use for modern light-weight casts could do all of this apart from the dissolving but a decebt solvent should be able to do that for you. I'm not so sure about how healthy that would leave your lungs of skin though.
oneoffdave, Mar 28 2003

       i'm with yamahito on this one. i think the five minutes expiration is very dangerous. what if you're still holding the the object when the clock runs out?   

       side note: i hope your friend is ok...
urbanmatador, Mar 28 2003

       has anyone seen the '50s or '60s spectacularly bad-yet-creepy movie "bucket of blood"? this is frighteningly reminiscent of that
igirl, Mar 29 2003

       then again, i could just be insane...
igirl, Mar 29 2003


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