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Anti-bear skin cream

Tastes horrible
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This vile-tasting skin ointment would hopefully discourage any large animal who got a taste of it.
Voice, Jun 19 2015


       ...after it had bitten your leg off.
hippo, Jun 19 2015

       A family of pigeons took to populating on the ledge next to my bedroom. I'm shocked to say that spreading pepper along the ledge seems to have sent them off. Who knows what scent bears can't bear.
4and20, Jun 19 2015

       Well, there are lots of dogs near where I live and the road outside my house sometimes smells of dogshit - and there are no bears anywhere in the area.
hippo, Jun 19 2015

       Remember the woman in Connecticut who had her face taken off by a Chimp? She could of used this...bad.
blissmiss, Jun 19 2015

       It could come with the same sort of iron clad, money-back guarantee as the "Anti- Skylab Spray Repellent" some Aussies were selling back when Skylab was imminently predicted to crash onto Australia. If the product fails to protect the purchaser from the specified nasty event, they get double their money back.
AusCan531, Jun 19 2015

       If the skin cream simply SMELLS horrible enough, that should suffice to keep bears away, without any need for it to be tasted.
Vernon, Jun 21 2015

       Shades of death by dragon-fire protection cream in "Guards, Guards", in the event of it's not working, full refund - upon personally coming in and making a claim.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 21 2015


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