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Anti-bear sombrero V

Spray stuff and keep bears away
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This sombrero contains six liters of bear grade pepper spray and several powerful outward-facing nozzles. At the touch of a button the stuff is copiously sprayed everywhere around the user between 1 and 10 meters. Options include a gas mask, skunk mix, a refill canister, and a twelve liter tank. 100% guaranteed not to miss anyone or anything in the target area.
Voice, Jan 09 2021


       I'll leave the belt fed Uzi and flame variants to be developed by others.
Voice, Jan 09 2021

       Or, or... you could just be like "Hey bud, sorry I startled you there, I'm just going to do non threatening stuff right now while you sniff that I am Not currently fear sweating and I must say you've grown quite a winter coat this year, Well you are just a magnificent creature aren't you? Yes you are. Oh we could bff's I just know it. I... hey where are you going? come back! I have snacks. Snacks damnit! WHY?! Why do you always run? Let me love you!"   

       Sixty percent of the time it works every time.   

       Times like this I really with the HB had a "laugh" react...
21 Quest, Jan 09 2021

       That'll keep fellow hikers away too.
sninctown, Jan 09 2021

       When and where will you be field testing it ?   

       We would very much enjoy watching the test. We will be delighted to supply a suitable bear, if you don't have one immediately available.
8th of 7, Jan 09 2021

       In the year 2500 no one will know why bears avoid only Mexicans.
Voice, Jan 09 2021

       Yes, yes, fine, now, would you mind putting these apples in your pockets, and smearing this mixture of shortening and honey liberally on any exposed skin ?
8th of 7, Jan 09 2021


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