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Anti-greeneye phone app for dog pictures

A small improvement
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A camera-control app for a cellphone that can recognize that the subject of the photograph is a dog, and override the "flash" setting.

This avoids (1) startling the dog, and (2) a photograph - however dim - without the "green eye" effect.

That is all.

8th of 7, Dec 15 2020

Pet Photography With Your Smartphone... https://expertphoto...ne-pet-photography/
... unsurprisingly, one of the tips is "Never Use Flash" [kdf, Dec 15 2020]


       [+] I was gonna write something silly but realized there's a good* way to do this.   

       Start with a no-flash exposure, analyze it for reflections from the tapetum lucidum - which should stand out even in the lowest light. If there is no such reflection, take a second exposure with whatever flash is appropriate for the lighting conditions. If there IS a glow from the eyes, take a slightly longer no-flash time exposure to capture details.   

       The multiple exposures and analysis can happen in the same short time frame as HDR photos take now, and processing to combine/adjust the exposures to eliminate the green eye effect can be done as well.   

* "Good" only if you're willing to accept it will photograph dogs, cats, raccoons, etc... using the same process. Filtering it *just* for dogs would be more difficult.
kdf, Dec 15 2020

       [kdf] that's a good thing because it would also work for those strange rat-like pseudo-dogs that some people seem to like.
pocmloc, Dec 15 2020

       Oh, those ... well, Chihuahuas already always look startled in their normal state, so the app would be redundant.
8th of 7, Dec 15 2020

       The simplest solution would be to manually switch off the flash when taking pet pictures. This app would only be useful to people unable to find the switch, or to say "Alexa, disable the camera flash," or possibly some who find themselves accidentally framing shots with pets and not realizing it.
kdf, Dec 15 2020

       Yes, but sometimes the user simply fails to perceive how low the ambient light levels actually are, and since the phone's camera app gives no indication that a flash will be needed, both photographer and subject can be startled by the unexpected light...
8th of 7, Dec 15 2020

       “... sometimes the user simply fails to perceive how low the ambient light levels actually are...”
—8th of 7, Dec 15 2020

       Your market then is strictly limited to very poor photographers. Which is good because there are so many of them, but bad because they won’t pay much for an app. But no matter, the process I’ve outlined should work - and someone will probably code it for fun even if there’s no money to be made.
kdf, Dec 16 2020

       The opposite would also be useful. This is a "kujo" filter. It would detect dog eyes and increase the red/magenta pixels to make them look like rabid snarling attack beasts.
xenzag, Dec 16 2020

       <Five minutes of mucking about with GIMP and a green-eyed Shih Tzu picture/>   

       No, just doesn't do it somehow...   

       [kdf], you're right about the preponderance of bad photographers, but part of the problem arises from the ubiquitousness of the technology. The same user who would think quite carefully about light, framing and angles when using a DSLR behaves quite differently for an impromptu shot with a phone, because it's such a fleeting opportunity. Often there isn't time to check the flash setting or the moment would be lost.   

       <Realizes that agreeing with [kdf] may indicate a major system fault/>   

       <Initiates full system diagnostic/>
8th of 7, Dec 16 2020

       Then I must shock you (and myself) by agreeing again. Putting pretty good* cameras in reach of everyone, with no ongoing cost of film or development - every photographer good and bad fires off as many shots as they can get. So yeah - there probably is a market for pet- owner’s camera app with that feature. It could also have the Cujo setting as xenzag suggested.   

       What other settings should it have? Auto range- finding and focus based on where the dog is in the frame? So even if your sister-in-law thinks you’re photographing HER, it’s really focused on her upholstered rat in the far corner of the room, licking himself?   

* “Pretty good” - much better than the Instamatics of my childhood. Some of the better camera phones exceed the capability of lower-end DSLRs now.
kdf, Dec 16 2020

       // Then I must shock you (and myself) by agreeing again //   

       Ah, that explains it. +++ ETERNAL DOMAIN ERROR +++, Incorrect Universe, please insert correct Universe and reboot.   

       <cancels diagnostic/>   

       // her upholstered rat in the far corner of the room, licking himself? //   

       Yeah, that's about right for younger brothers.
8th of 7, Dec 16 2020


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