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personnel management at a glance
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The camera style management system to be used in conjunction with older management styles with-out being invasive. Some management does not endorse the idea of security cameras in the workplace, mostly because of insecurities dealing with personal privacy. The "blur cam" is there to sum up the managers day by generally displaying all activities in workspaces. The camera displays patterns of involvement of workers and flow of personnell thru the workplace. The camera is so blurry, you can't pin any wrong doing on any individual, but can be there to correct the next instance(s) because of consistant patterns displayed. This will give a manager better timeframes to be involved in the flow of the workplace. the camera can be slowed down if certain areas are seen to be a spill area, a conjested area, a communication area, and a customer area; and speaking of which, wouldent it be easy to do a site survew of popular products that might be better displayed as hi-flo endcaps? Wow!ever, as an added downfall the camera WILL NOT be able to identify shoplifters. As an added option the blur cam automaticly turns on the special feature called "tracers"! This special view mode makes An eighteen hour day go by in about twenty minutes! can you imagine all your daily managing done at the end of the work day, refreshed and willing to see what the hang-ups were on a few tracers. That dosent sound too bad, now; does it? even better yet you get to wake up in the morning and work in any one of those departments being one of those smoothe sailing tracers, thank lord we have such an imagination, or all this could seem to be actual WORK.
abadon, Oct 31 2007


       The Japanese version of this pixellates any interaction between two persons.   

       An aside about the manner of foolishness I must often endure - The president / owner of a thirty million dollar company asked me if we could put security cameras in the production areas. He said that way the people would know they were being watched and they wouldn't make mistakes.   

       2017 edit: And this was a millionaire with a Phd. Him, not me.
normzone, Oct 31 2007

       yeah, every-time I see someone goofing around I mention that they shouldn't do that; because there in view of my imaginary camera. It turns out my boss dosen't care what workers do, but I do. I say spiderman is creeping around to see if their going to get their raise or not
abadon, Nov 06 2007

       The coffee bar at the organic store I work at put up a dummy camera for about a week until I started mentioning the thing to other co-workers. Hardley anyone notices the red flashing light swiftly clammoring over the surroundings of the messanine. It was like as if going so fast, back and forth it seemed to want to travel in a circle.
abadon, Nov 09 2007

       I give myself a bone for the aspect that no-one wants to check this out. Oh well, I'll just try to get my boss to grade my idea, then I might un-bone me. This is my first idea though.
abadon, Nov 10 2007

       and you can erase everything at the end of a day, no memeory upgrades needed on this get-up!
abadon, Nov 10 2007

       The random button also brings us this - apparently this was [abadon]'s first idea, and I posted the first anno on it.
normzone, Dec 05 2017


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