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dimmable flash at phone cameras for beauty shots

Make the flash LED dimmable, then new apps that take photos can produce softer light producing prettier images of faces
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Trivial example: Apple introduces a function that can dim the flash from slight glow to full power. Some person develops a photo app that takes more beautiful softer images of human faces making your product the preferred beauty (selfie) camera.
beanangel, Apr 30 2018

I just found out that with IR light freckles disappear https://www.reddit....phy_makes_freckles/
[beanangel, May 02 2018]


       AN improvement to this idea. An item on reddit [link] says that with IR light melanin disappears, so having two different flash leds, one IR, would give the ability to make dots of freckles gone.   

       That is the other idea: Have more than one flash LED, with different frequencies of light, not just IR, different visibles as well.
beanangel, May 02 2018

       I'm not so sure the softness issue is the brightness, but the wavelength. That's a lot harder to do. But I see that you've considered that as well. Surprising that they haven't done something like this yet.   

       My advice would be to actually try and patent this.
RayfordSteele, May 02 2018

       Soft focus is normally achieved with strategic blurring i.e. a large blob of vaseline on the lens.   

       Besides that, skin is a tricky thing to photograph. From some angles its translucent, others its opaque. Different wavelengths can highlight or hide veins etc.   

       I think the basics of photography have been done. [ ]
bigsleep, May 02 2018

       I think mostly you'd want to go for colour, not brightness : make soft shots in a soft (ie: red/yellow heavy) light.
FlyingToaster, May 02 2018

       Soft focus is a completely different thing to soft lighting. Soft lighting is diffuse lighting, and the way to get diffuse lighting is to use a very large light, such as a bright cloudy sky. All other methods in photography to achieve diffuse lighting (gels, softboxes, diffusers, etc) are in the end a way to cheat and pretend that the light source is enormous when it isn’t.   

       LED lighting is particularly opposed to diffuse lighting because it is so directional at a small scale, and the light source is small, that shadows show up readily even across the surface of skin. A LED light source really benefits from methods that attempt to somehow make it seem like an enormous source of scattered light rather than a pin-sized source of highly directional light.   

       Dimming the flash (exposure-compensating the flash negatively) will go some way to making a flash shot less harsh and flattening, but will also not light the shot as much as calculations insist it should have been, so you’ll end up with a correctly lit central and foreground area (typically the nose) and all else will drop off to darkness rapidly, and the background will be total darkness.   

       If you’re talking about daylight shots with flash as fill-in, this happens already in most camera systems (including phone camera LED flash) through calculated setting of the shutter speed / ISO sensitivity and (fixed, in a phone) aperture, versus the metered light. A fill-flash shot shouldn’t be dominantly flash-provided, the flash should be a partial contributor (mainly to lighten up the eye sockets in harsh overhead sunlight, on the two weeks of a year that this ‘sunlight’ effect occurs).
Ian Tindale, May 03 2018

       One of the problems with this idea is that you really don't want the flash directed at the camera, unless you are going for a film-noir backlit effect. You really want the flash next to, or even part of, the camera.
MaxwellBuchanan, May 03 2018

       Rim-lighting worked okay for Bonnie Tyler.
Ian Tindale, May 03 2018

       Just how dim would the "flash" have to be to produce a "beauty shot" of [I T] ?   

       We estimate that turning it off altogether would give the best result ...
8th of 7, May 03 2018


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