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Cheesecake-enhanced xcam

An xcam that lives up to the advertising
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By now, it's become apparent that the most important force on the web is x10, makers (and endless advertisers) of the xcam brand "security" camera. In advertisements for this camera (which suggest that it be used for home surveillance) scantily-clad women are almost always prominently featured. The subtext, taken literally, is that all a single guy has to do is install one of these cameras and beautiful women will magically appear in front of it.

Since most purchasers are bound to be disappointed with the current products when the camera just shows some frumpy looking bachelor doing nothing particularly exciting, what's clearly needed is the cheesecake-enhanced xcam. On this version, a gorgeous bikini-clad woman will always appear in the picture whether there's one in front of it or not. While this might in some regards interfere with the "security camera" aspects of the x10, it would make it much better live up to its advertising.

supercat, Feb 12 2003

Hotties http://www.hotties....-Cheesecake-640.jpg
New York Cheesecake [thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

Urban dictionary: Cheesecake http://www.urbandic...php?term=cheesecake
I suspect some of the comments are just meant to be funny, but in case you're truly unfamiliar with the term, here are some definitions. [jutta, Dec 20 2006]


       If the x10 were to live completely up to its advertising, it would put random images in front of your favourite TV programme. I wish you hadn't mentioned cheesecake, though. Now, I want a slice of New York cheesecake.
st3f, Feb 12 2003

       I'm waiting for X10 to offer real pop-up cheesecakes on my screen (drool).
Cedar Park, Feb 13 2003

       Like the old comic book ad for X-Ray glasses that show a guy wearing them and looking at the bones in his hand, while a buxom woman lurks in the background. And when you get the glasses you put them on and look at a buxom woman and see an image of the bones in a hand.
beauxeault, Feb 13 2003

       Yes, it's obvious why scantily clad women are associated with this product, but less obvious, to me anyway, is what cheesecake has to do with this ide.. mmm cheesecake.
RoboBust, Feb 13 2003

       // frumpy looking //   

       "Ah, Sir has mistakenly purchased the x10-UNA/bubba model ...... can we interest you in an upgrade ?"
8th of 7, Feb 13 2003

       The cheese cake is intended to attract the scantily clad women that are advertised in the original materials?
ye_river_xiv, Dec 19 2006


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