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spin browser video cam and viewing station for social dynamic environment
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David Durlach's Technofrolics makes a spin-browser that allows users to examine video with a high degree of interactivity. This works great for watching and learning how birds fly, how water splashes, and especially how people act in a group social dynamic situation.

The linked video, although it may out me as a scheming and nefarious troll type personality, is a great example of Durlach's system showing social dynamics in action. The video is of a group of school kids on a playground and as you watch the video, and then back it up and go over certain parts you can see the group interact and all the personality of the kids come out. If you watch the whole thing you will see the group split off into the smart kids, the popular kids and the slow kids, you will see the king and queen if the playground play out their romance and you will see challengers and usurpers, as well as in-fighting and allegiances. It is full of great social dynamic information as every interaction is, especially if you watch it on the spin browser.

So the proposal is for a room with a video cam that takes a picture of a social interaction between a group of people, and then allows them to spin-browse the video of their own social interaction.

I think this would be very educational.

JesusHChrist, May 15 2014

Spin-bowser video of playground interaction (3:35) http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rQi3ZlFvWbk
[JesusHChrist, May 15 2014]


       Hmm. A little creepy ... but I like it. You might learn a lot of things that heretofore would only be obvious to a Sherlock Holmes. Plus it would be really helpful to look at it with your SO and ask "what was her name? " and "who is that?"
terryo, May 15 2014


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