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eye to eye mirror cam

use a one way mirror to have direct eye contact over web cam
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For eye to eye contact over webcam put a one way mirror at a 45 degree angle to a monitor, and put a web cam behind the mirror.
JesusHChrist, Dec 31 2004

Build your own http://www.creative.../feature/22302.html
I think reversing the image really shouldn't be too difficult, the articles writer doesn't bother. [swamilad, Jan 01 2005]

The Interrotron http://www.chapmanl...rchives/000218.html
System so interviewer and camera can see eye to eye with subject. [AntiQuark, Jan 02 2005]


       Funny how eye contact is so important to us mammals...
DrCurry, Dec 31 2004

       Good idea, only drawback would be that the image would then be flipped. Depends on what you're using to display things as to how easy it would be to correct that. (projectors can flip the image, a computer monitor might not be able to.)
jp498, Dec 31 2004

       So exactly like a teleprompter. Pretty easily baked. An easier solution would be to find the webcam I remember (but cannot find a link for) that hangs off the top of your monitor and the lens is positionable around the middle of the screen.
swamilad, Jan 01 2005

       //I think reversing the image really shouldn't be too difficult, the articles writer doesn't bother// "I then placed my narration text into an InDesign document, formatted it with a style that would be very legible (white letters on a black background), then printed the file to disk as a .ps file with the image flipped horizontally (in the Output settings of InDesign's Print window)."
FarmerJohn, Jan 01 2005

       Sorry, it was late... I meant reversing everything on the display in the manner that most projectors offer, rather than reversing the text through some process that cannot occur in real time. Real time is important for the chat aspect.
swamilad, Jan 01 2005

       Baked, also known as an "Interrotron." (See link.)
AntiQuark, Jan 02 2005


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