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Arresting Barstools

For those customers who don't seem like payers.
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Convenience stores have devices that lock thieves in, waiting for police to arrive? but what about when the bartender ABSOLUTELY KNOWS that somebody isn't going to pay. What's the solution? the Arresting Barstool, of course!

Bartender presses a button, and straps fling out, ensnaring their waist and ankles to the barstool, which is attached to the ground.

Mild shocks can then be delivered as a sign flashes "don't forget to pay!", in front of him.

A charge of false imprisonment is not possible against this one, as you suspect him to not pay. Although, the mild electric shocks might complicate things legally. Hope he doesn't have a pacemaker.

twitch, Jan 13 2009


       Right! Just like its legal for me to detain any of my customers and hit them with a nerf bat repeatedly as long as I "suspect they won't pay" Thats nothing compaired to what the police may do when they "suspect I'm going to rob a bank"
Voice, Jan 13 2009

       No, it's legal to detain customers if you suspect them of shoplifting or the sort. The hitting them or shocking them, that's not legally allowed.
twitch, Jan 13 2009

       wouldn't they have to citizen's arrest you for theft in order to detain you while waiting for police ?... otherwise seems awfully kidnap'ish to me.
FlyingToaster, Jan 13 2009

       I work as a bartender and there is everything wrong with this idea and I would just love to have this.   

       A week ago or so we had this fellow with a rasta hairdo who smelled really bad and he had accidentally had three drinks on a tab because I wasn't paying enough attention to what was going on. As soon as I noticed this had happened I gently urged him to pay because I had strong suspicions he would not want to pay. He refused and kept refusing. He caused a problem. What can you do? Hit him untill he pays? Hold him upside down till his money is on the floor? I waited untill the next day when he was sober and confronted him. He won't be a problem for a while now.   

       What fun I would have had with this idea !
zeno, Jan 13 2009


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