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"Cardless" Card

thinly disguised (as a) rant.
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"No, I haven't an Air Miles card, no I don't want one, just put the application back in the pile... nor an iRewards card: the probability of me having one is the same as you having passed gradeschool math; never heard of a Plum card, not interested really, lookit do you want me to buy the chewing gum or not ?"

Worldwide, every 10-20 microseconds, an honest customer is harassed by a store clerk in an attempt to get them to buy into a marketing scam of one sort or another.

Presenting the Cardless Card. We won't take your personal information or your money. We're not allied with any financial institutions or mailing list producers.

Simply show the card at the cashier for an instant 1% discount to reflect the money the individual store is saving by not having their 'droid waste their time trying to sell you something you're not interested in.

FlyingToaster, May 15 2011

Disloyalty_20Cards [xenzag, May 16 2011]


       As it happens i have a few loyalty cards. I see it as a waste of the companies' resources because whereas they may have knowledge of my purchasing habits, they're never going to get more money out of me than they would otherwise.
nineteenthly, May 16 2011

       It's like an "unsubscribe" option for the checkout counter; I like it! Can I get one that will let Nigerian princes know that I don't want to help them retrieve frozen assets from thier homeland?
Alterother, May 19 2011


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