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Personal Service Bell

Electronic Keychain Service Bell
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An electronic keychain version of the classic silver/black service bell that has been around for ages. Since many service-oriented businesses haven't yet provided one for customer's use, the Personal Service Bell (PSB) allows you to bring your own! The PSB has the same distinctive sound as the original, commanding immediate attention. This is the modern-day version in a snazzy smaller footprint similar to an Audi keyfob.
timbuktu11, Mar 15 2003


       And here I am yelling for service like a sucker.
Worldgineer, Mar 15 2003

       And this is the keychain which goes, ping.   

       My son suggested an electronic shock feature be added for situations that require even greater attention.
timbuktu11, Mar 25 2003

       <trying it out...ping....ping ping ping.... ...> Now where the devil is blissmiss?
pluterday, Mar 29 2003

       I love this site but I hate it too. Many of my creative ideas are already listed. Not that that means those of us beaten to the punch aren't 1000 times more creative than the average person (particularly the "halfbakers" who actually think an idea through and see both sides of things solve dilemas and come to a distinct, practical final conclusion.   

       P.S. I now carry a small silver hand bell. Haven't had the guts to use it yet though... Yet!
thecat, May 02 2003


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