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Short Commercials/Commercial Feedback

A way to make those damn ads less annoying.
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ok. First--why bother to try and make something that's not entertaining--entertaining? Those radio car commercials especially make me want to load a shotgun. And unload it, as promptly as possible, if you get my meaning. I don't see why they just can't impart all nessessary information in a fast but clear tone, without whatever "theme" they try to have, and then get the f**k off the airwaves. Short commercials. Radical, I know, but I'm a radical guy. (I know that commercials are really short already...but most of them are too long for me. spare me the innuendos, please.)

Now, the second part of the post (I posted in the same one because they were so similar) is this: How about some way of getting feedback to the people who make these commercials, the product manufacturers and the advertising agencies both? Some sort of network website that directs you to the appropriate site for whatever commercial you want to compliment or curse. Let's acknowlege that advertising is just as much an art as film, and implement some filter on it. Heck, these things could be reviewed just like a book or movie. 'cept it'd be a blurb.

Eugene, Feb 09 2003

Links about commercials http://dmoz.org/Art...vision/Commercials/
[my face your, Oct 04 2004]

Bob Garfield's Ad Review http://adage.com/section.cms?sectionId=20
[my face your, Oct 04 2004]

Votable Television Advertising http://www.halfbake...ision_20Advertising
Basically the same. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004]


       If commercials were to be any shorter, they'd probably be strobe-cut semi-subliminal messages. It might be possible that your attention span needs lengthening. >link<
my face your, Feb 09 2003

       The idea of making commercials go straight to the point: I HATE IT. As you said, advertising is as much an art as films, and its art depends exactly on everything you're proposing to delete. However, I like the part about the feedback. Advertisers and product manufacturers should know when they're affecting one's mental stability through their repetitive, stupid ads.
Pericles, Feb 10 2003

       //strobe-cut semi-subliminal messages//
And, as we well know, these "blipverts" cause some small percentage of television viewers to explode.
krelnik, Feb 10 2003

       Yes, I can vouch for that [krelnik], I am one of the unlucky few that exploded after having watched one of these "blipverts".
RoboBust, Feb 10 2003

       I absolutely agree with Eugene about radio adverts. They're on the same level of sophistication as 1950s TV adverts, and tend to feature lots of idiots shouting at you. Think of all the accidents probably caused by people trying to change channels on their car radios. Implementing this idea would be an essential step for improved road safety.
pottedstu, Feb 10 2003

       More or less HalfBaked. Wrong category, too, I believe.
phoenix, Apr 10 2003


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