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Free movie passes delivered to your door immediately upon accumulation
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I don't even know why I'm contributing this idea instead of making money from it, because it isn't even half-baked.

Instead of the present cumbersome system of acculumating "Air Miles" or some other such useless (or not-so-useless) point, have a useful point system for something everyone wants: free (or 2-for-1) movie passes.

Then, instead of having to call in or go online and order them, have them immediately mailed directly to the MovieMiles cardholder's address. This would ensure maintenance of accurate mailing addresses and (potentially) other vital demographic information. If anyone uses this idea, they better pay me with free movies for life: 100 "Big Tickets" or the equivalent.

MovieMiles(tm) Eternally Copyrighted 10:31 am this June 6, 2003 Nathan Braun genius inventor etc.

rightnow, Jun 06 2003

Air Miles http://www.airmiles.ca
The existing leading customer loyalty program that I am aware of, that would be the chief competition if they do not implement this idea themselves and compensate me accordingly. [rightnow, Oct 04 2004]


       I'm stealin' your idea, and I ain't payin' you jack!
goober, Jun 06 2003

       Well, duh, the WHOLE POINT of points accumulation and other freebie schemes is that they boost sales even though the redemption rates are so low. Even gift certificates sold by mall stores (so someone has plonked down cold hard cash for them) have redemption rates well below 100%.   

       The vendors have no incentive whatsoever to boost redemption rates.
DrCurry, Jun 06 2003

       moviemiles.com is owned by Buena Vista (Disney) while the trademark MovieMiles is owned by AM Radio, Inc.
(), Jun 06 2003

       Is that last baker's symbol perverted or is my mind in the gutter?
goober, Jun 06 2003

       Yes & what () said.
thumbwax, Jun 06 2003


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