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Customer Loyalty Shares

Cheap shares for regular customers
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I can't be bothered to search if this has been baked or not, and not that I bother with any one chain, (they are all of course money grabbing monsters from the pits of hell) However if one were to offer me cheap shares or even free ones for regular shopping trips, I would of course be delighted to shop till I ...inane marketing rhyme here...Maybe it could work better for large one off purchases like a car or a mortgage or something, or even god forbid in a new b2c gimmick for beleagured 60 billion dollar crap sites.
leggless, Nov 01 2000


       Yes but it's actual ownership is what I'm after, eventually, like the good old phrase "I have drunk so much guinness I would probably own the company by now"
leggless, Nov 06 2000

       Quite a few companies offer the reverse, discounts for shareholders, so if you use their products enough you'd effectively pay for the shares. One of my relatives used to have shares in one of the big hotel chains (Forte, I think), and she got cheap holidays every times she stayed at one, and (hopefully) a return on her money when she sold up.
pottedstu, Nov 05 2001


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