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Articulated Potato Masher

More efficient mashing
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When mashing potato using a traditional masher, the mash that is pushed through the holes accumulates atop and requires dislodging before further enmashment can occur. Tiresome, I'm sure you'll agree.

I propose a device with a levered arm behind the main handle. This is connected to a metal plate that moves perpendicular to the horizontal masher below. When pushing the masher down, the lever retracts, when the masher raises up again, the metal plate returns to its original position, pushing the mash above the masher back into the potato to be mashed in the pan.

See illustration. Obviously mine wouldn't work without a bit more science thrown in, but you'll get the premise.

theleopard, Feb 20 2012

[Illustration] http://tinypic.com/r/29qehvm/5
Vague workings, but concept is clear. [theleopard, Feb 20 2012]

VLPM http://www.theatlan...12/iron-giant/8886/
1950's "Big Science:" the Very Large Potato Masher [mouseposture, Feb 22 2012]

It's not this pic? https://edition.cnn...on-euros/index.html
To costly for enmashment [4and20, Aug 13 2021]


       Reminds me of an ice cream scoop -- excellent adaptation! (I wonder if this can be adapted into a toilet seat?) Bun. [+]
Grogster, Feb 20 2012

       Probably needs more leverage. But you did say more science would be thrown in, so it should work.
rcarty, Feb 20 2012

       Something like this was certainly around in Victorian or Edwardian times ... the name Spong may be useful in this context.   

       In exactly which "Living History" museum we saw this is not recalled, but Beamish or Blist's Hill at Ironbridge are possibilities.
8th of 7, Feb 20 2012

       I use a potato masher to make pimento cheese, and I can attest to the botheration of having to knock off the cheese before you can mash any more.   

       Have a pimento cheese sandwich on a sourdough bun.
Psalm_97, Feb 20 2012

       I like it.
Have a tater bun, but... you're washing up after dinner.

       [+] ...better than using my fingers!
( I don't put science in my mashed potatoes.) ;))
xandram, Feb 22 2012

       Needs more science.   

       However, having established exactly *how much* science is required, it should be relatively simple to apply exactly the same amount of science to garlic crushers.   

       How about a massive hydraulic ram, into which items can be placed at one end, unmashant; and from the other, from a much smaller hole, an homogenised paste emerges, steaming from the pressure.
zen_tom, Feb 22 2012

       Something like this? <link>
mouseposture, Feb 22 2012

       Liking the enormous industrial compression masher [mouseposture]. I'd like my house to have an enormous protruding steam-driven machine, that towers over the roof, indeed the neighbourhood; an imposing structure of pipes and canisters, pistons and greasy exposed cogs. And its only function: to make me the smoothest, purest mashed potato in Christendom.
theleopard, Mar 01 2012

       //Articulated Potato Masher//

Is anyone else here (8th, I'm looking at you) disappointed that this has nothing to do with German grenades?
DrBob, Mar 01 2012

       [+] for use of the word "enmashment."
shapu, Mar 01 2012

       // Is anyone else here ... disappointed that this has nothing to do with German grenades? //   

       [The Alterother] is, but that was probably just as predictable.
Alterother, Mar 01 2012

       //German grenades// Has no one yet marketed a potato-masher shaped novelty potato-masher?
mouseposture, Mar 01 2012

       Not as a potato-masher, no.
Alterother, Mar 01 2012

       Image not available anymore at tinypic.com and not archived on wayback. Did you store it somewhere?
pashute, Aug 13 2021


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