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Bag o' Tatties

Better than crisps.
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A bag of cold, fairly small roast potatoes.
Add a bit of flavour, salt, pepper, spices etc for a delicious healthy (compared to crisps) snack.
MikeOliver, May 02 2004


       This is quite baked at the local deli, you can get roasted baby potatoes, pre-seasoned. I'm sure they could put them in those foil-lined bags they use for the chickens.   

       The problem with putting them on a shelf is keeping them fresh. Most of the moisture has been driven out of crisps, giving them an acceptable shelf life.
Cedar Park, May 02 2004


       Potato wedges are commonplace in the US.
waugsqueke, May 02 2004

       Would vacuum sealing them keep in the moisture.
This is different to potato wedges, but may be similar to the local Deli thing, but i was really proposing the packaging in wee bags and selling as a flavoured snack (including some unusal flavors, not just seasoning).
I am well aware that roast potatos are widely baked (roasted!).
MikeOliver, May 02 2004

       [Cedar] I am now imagining a band of angry villagers, armed with hot torches (and pitchforks), driving all the moisture out of crisps. "Begone, ye olde moisture! For dampness is the Devil's tool..."   

       + mike. Just because I've always wondered - in the average bag of crisps(/chips, for the TransAtlantically challenged), is there even a whole potato in there? Not in a 3d jigsaw kind of way, but just through sheer weight. 3 bags to one tattie, at least, I reckon.
lostdog, May 02 2004

       I'd buy it. (++;) for you.
Macwarrior, May 02 2004


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