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Flatter Potato

Bio-engineer potatoes to grow like clams; halve them; butter them; enjoy
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The making of potato skins (with cheese, bacon, chives) requires the halving and then the scooping of potato from the skin.

I say, grow potatoes that are more the shape of large clams, or discs. These can then be cooked (much quicker, mind you [surface/volume > than regular potato]), then halved, and made into potato skins appetizers.

They will be larger than conventional potato skins, requiring no scooping.

Also, I've heard most of the nutrient in the potato are close to the skin -- would this mean more nutritious potatoes (help, biologists)?

Could a potato survive/grow without its inner? Is it needed to hold water, do something else, (help, biologists)?

Wes, Sep 25 2002

Bulb illustration http://www.manitobalilies.ca/images2.htm
Concept of a 5lb elephant potato bulb (?) Yummy! [hollajam, Sep 25 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       there was just something about that last paragraph that gave away the fact that you have not the slightest idea about the subject matter in hand.   

       up to that point I rather thought you were a genius.
po, Sep 25 2002

       let me elaborate:   

       If we separate a potato into three parts: one--the skin, two--all of the white area up to 0.5cm depth in from the skin, three--the rest of the inner......   

       Now, can the potato survive without part three? Is there something special about the non-nutrient rich part that essential to its living?   

       Otherwise, can it survive with just the 0.5cm in-from-the-skin part?
Wes, Sep 25 2002

       new potatoes are the little ones. the potato plant stores more and more food in its little underground stems (for that is what they are) and hence they get bigger and bigger until they are big old potatoes. O.K.?   

       unless you could introduce some sort of bubble into the growing spud like a cultured pearl in an oyster
po, Sep 25 2002

       Wouldn't this make potato scones obsolete? What will the inhabitants of the Western Isles do!?
[ sctld ], Sep 25 2002

       What if the bubble [po] talks about gets stuck in the middle of the potato, would we have potato bagels?
barnzenen, Sep 25 2002

       Po, I imagine that a pocket of air inside the potato meat as described would breach its natural defenses. The air could allow bacteria to be introduced or simply increase transpiration of vital compounds that allow a potato to sit around in the dark for long periods and still provide itself or us a food source.   

       However, [Wes] crossing the genes of a potato with the isolated genes of a bulbous root system plant species specifically "Allium ampeloprasum" (elephant garlic) would produce PERFECT concave cloves of potato meat with twice the skin !! Ready to snap off and cook. [Link]   

       Don't stop there. While you're at the genetics lab go ahead and splice a few genes of various herb combinations into the potato.alt and you've cornered a market. --Elephant Potato Ears in designer flavors!   

       Hurry now to the patent office before it closes. You don't have to have the all the genetic specs in order. To a certain degree you can patent the idea of it with enough literature support to be taken seriously. Go now...many eyes may have already read this!
hollajam, Sep 25 2002

       [Rods] have you been smoking those potatoes again? It's okay spud, next time...
hollajam, Sep 25 2002

       I thought you wanted them flatter so they wouldn't roll away when you try to mash them.
TeaTotal, Sep 26 2002

       When potatoes grow too fast, they often develop an air pocket on the inside, that then goes brown, because the potato thinks it's on the outside. Perhaps you could expand on that.
DrCurry, Sep 26 2002

       [austere] -- I like the idea of bonsai potatoes. Although I'm not sure how to constrain the potatoes to grow flat, while still allowing it access to a good water & soil source. Chances are you'd end up with the same problem where you see trees that have trunk that have grown through/around cyclone fence.
Wes, Sep 26 2002

       When the potatoes are only potatolets (young potatoes) they could have a "fries mesh" fitted around them so as they grow they grow out through the mesh in the shape of a pre cut fry, this is an idea in itself.
Gulherme, Sep 26 2002

       //Screw the biologists//   

       Not unless you are handsome and well hung please...   

       How has an idea that mentions 'bio-engineering' and genetics magic not managed to get any fishbones. Here - have one.
madradish, Sep 26 2002

       Potatoes were much lumpier when I was a child (selective breeding has made them more 'processor friendly'). So I think it should be possible to breed them flatter. There is a natural tendency for fruit & veg to be round, because that requires the least skin, but unnatural selection will win out!
pfperry, Sep 27 2002


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