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Single Serving Mashed Potato Press Mold

Delicious, inexpensive, rich in potassium, and now, elegant!
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Is that plain scoop of mashed potatoes on your plate getting you down? Grab a new mashed potato single serving press mold, to instantly transform that pasty lump into an elegant work of art. Express your individual creativity, and then dig in!

The whole family can participate, as each man woman and child serves himself a mound of potatoes, then selects his favorite mold from the rack and presses the mold down onto his potato mound. Then the mold is pulled away and a charming image is revealed, in potato bas-relief.

The molds come in designs suitable for the whole family:
Ducks, Bunnies, Clown faces, Choo-choo trains, A miniature replica of the Venus de Milo, The Empire State Building, Our nation's flag, Anna Kournakova, The variations are endless!

So fast and easy. Potatoes won't stick to the mold's Teflon surface. Spray the mold with butter-flavored PAM for an even better release, and more flavor. Transform the common potato into a something special.

Still sticking? Ask Mom to add a little less milk next time!

robinism, Jan 09 2005

Do dee do, do doo. http://www.thedeath...drops/misc/fi03.jpg
How about a mold that makes the close encounters mointain. [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 09 2005]

Shameless Self Promotion Dissection_20Dinners
Similar, but different. [lostdog, Jan 10 2005]


       After once using butter-flavored PAM as a release agent, the buttery smell clung to piece and mold for days. Ick. Never again. Can't believe people would actually eat that, although it probably beats Universal Mold Release in taste tests.
jutta, Jan 09 2005

       I have to subtract my gladiator remark after reading Robinism's home page. We all have our moments, several people crashed and burned around me in the past month. Some of it comes out here.   

       On to the comment, you have come across a good concept. I wrote a three pager to the gov. on how to make food elegant. I'm vague as usual. I can't post it here or it will be vacumned up by several food processor mnfgs. Think about that potato again.
mensmaximus, Jan 09 2005

       how about the same for tater tots? they do it with fruit snacks, so it couldn't be too hard. dip michael jackson's head in ketchup...
napoleonstots, Jan 10 2005

       A little warm water releases mashed potatoes from dishes quite well unless they have oodles of Gruyere or cream cheese in them. Perhaps there is some way to have the molds be permeable by water from the outside or to maintain dampness on the active surfaces of the mold?   

       Maybe the active surfaces have lots of tiny holes on the backside of which is a small piece of dampened sponge. Pressing the sponge a bit forces a small amount of water through the pores and helps release the spuds cleanly.
bristolz, Jan 10 2005

       [bristolz], that's an interesting system of mold release (tiny pores, water). Maybe you could branch out from potatoes, and apply it to to press molds for clay, dough, or plastic.
robinism, Jan 10 2005

       Here Is How To Make A Volcano.   

       Dig a hole in the top of your mashed potato scoop.
Smooth the sides of the "Mountain" so it's watertight.
Put a pat of soft butter into the hole.
close the hole.
Wait until the butter is partially melted.
But not too long or it will seep into the pile and won't still be a storehouse of liquid.
Pierce the top of the "Mountain" with your fork tines.
Then use the flat part of the fork to press gently on the side of the pile.
The liquid center will gurgle out the top and flow down the side of the "Mountain".
This resembles the way lava looks when it flows down a volcano.
Drop mashed potatoes on floor, say it's an accident, and ask for nother scoop.
phundug, Jan 10 2005

       I hate one-off gimmick buys that clog up the kitchen. They gather dust at the back of the cupboard and take up valuable storage space after their fifteen minutes of fame. Then again, I'm a grumpy old git and this is a fun idea. Have a bun, but don't expect me to buy one.
wagster, Jan 10 2005

       I agree [wagster]. I only have one knife that ever gets used: a Global chef's knife. The rest sit in that wood block. But I wouldn't use that fact as a basis to spurn a new-type-of-knife invention.
bristolz, Jan 10 2005

       Absurdum est. Would you smash a Michelangelo statue and say that you could make something better from the dust of it? I think not. I say work with the King of Osmosis in its intact form. I cut my teeth in sculpting with potatoes.
mensmaximus, Jan 11 2005

       [Mensmax], I wouldn't smash a marble statue, but I might melt down some bronze baby shoes.   

       Whole potatoes are all well and good. But sometimes you just really want some potatoes in the shape of a chrysanthamum, and its much easier to cast it than to carve it.
robinism, Jan 11 2005

       [robinism], and this is where my research went off of the beaten track. A chrysanthamum is unto itself a seperate plant. I don't think a Budhist would want to eat one. If you attached electrodes in any shape to any form of your mish-mash idea, would you get a voltage? I think not. It has no energy worth eating!!!   

       By my transformation and manipulation of fruits and vegetables, I am able to measure strange voltages, stranger voltages than man has ever seen!!! Maybe my meter needs servicing.
mensmaximus, Jan 11 2005

       [MensMaximus] (big head?), sounds like we agree on the importance of a good diet. Keep eating your potatoes and lay off the mushrooms. Mens sana in corpore sano.
robinism, Jan 11 2005

       Do potatoes taste different this year than last year? Why is that? Will the King of Osmosis taste different in a different place in the galaxy?
mensmaximus, Jan 11 2005

       I've had good experiences with the ones on earth.
tiromancer, Jan 11 2005

       Although I agree that I don't want more things cluttering up my already busy kitchen, I don't see why you don't combine the mould with the serving spoon. So it is on the end of a spoon shaft. this is what you put into the mashed potatoes to serve it up, and then when you plop it out of the teflon coated serving-spoon-come-mould you will get your moulded shape - and you have one less utensile to wash up.
Flux, Jan 28 2005

       A ladle-cum-mold would be great for singles, or for couples who can agree on one design that they both like. But for large families, there will always be some family member who doesn't want the standard-ladle design. Like the teenager who insists on using the Mary Kate Olsen mold while the rest of the family is melting butter on Michelangelo's Pieta. The best solution is a hybrid - ladle out the Pieta to everyone, and let the dissenters re-mold theirs into whichever Olsen twin they like.
robinism, Jan 28 2005

       For St. Patty's Day, just add green food coloring. I once made that with green gravy to go with it.-- No one ate much that day. hmmm.
five4us, Sep 16 2005

       VERY creative! Great for weddings and parties. A bakers dozen croissants
MissQT, Sep 16 2005


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