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svelte spaghetti and it's corollary french fry

A spaghetti strand with a slice taken out of it so it looks like a hungry pac-man or a 7/8 pizza; 12.5% less calories, same bulk on the plate, and holds sauce just as well; a diet food. While at it, drill out french fries to be like macaroni or have a pac-man shape
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I think I read the disease burden from plumpness is near that of infectious disease. So,making foods that cause people to voluntarily be less plump is beneficial

A spaghetti strand with a slice taken out of it so it looks like a hungry pac-man or a 7/8 pizza; 12.5% less calories from it's geometry. I think it would have the same bulk on the plate and hold sauce the same. People that were seeking less calories could actually find their geometric spaghetti optima; 2 slices out and even "radiation symbol analogy" 3 slices out.

The same 7/8 effect pac man effect could be done at french fries with lasers, or maybe just the way they make french fries now. While at it, drill out french fries to be hollow like macaroni or have a pac-man shape

beanangel, Jan 08 2021

YouTube: Spaghetti Groove - Da Fresh https://www.youtube...watch?v=qPTeUqB4njU
Rather tangential, but quite good soundtrack to reading/annotating this idea. [zen_tom, Jan 08 2021]

Bucatini https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bucatini
"Bucatini [bukaˈtiːni], also known as perciatelli [pertʃaˈtɛlli], are a thick spaghetti-like pasta with a hole running through the center." [zen_tom, Jan 08 2021]

Fileja https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fileja
Hand rolled pasta featuring a rather neat sauce-collecting groove. [zen_tom, Jan 08 2021]


       Anything that slows down the consumption of carbs will make a huge difference. Here's a powerful trick. Next time you have fast food in front of you do this: Separate out about 1/3 of your meal. Eat that. You still get to eat the rest too (wrap it in a towel so it stays warm) but you have to wait 10 minutes before you can eat it.   

       Bam. Now you feel full when you're only half finished. The rest is unlearning "finish your plate".
Voice, Jan 08 2021

       I've gotta downvote this one [beanster]. Every product since I've been a kid has adopted this idea... for profit.   

       I call it the Wagon-Wheel effect.
As far as I can tell Wagon-Wheel was the first North American product to incrementally shrink their product while selling it in the same package so that the public absorbed it unaware of the dupe. Then all portions of a BIg-Mac shrunk... etc. etc. as other companies followed suit.

       Everything has gone Wagon-Wheel now... and you want to do the same thing with pasta... claim it as dietary... and probably charge more money for it.   

       I would just like to go on record as stating how strongly I dislike this trend.   

       It like closely borders hatred. Pardon my French but... value for value... or fuck off.   

       Not you personally... just this idea for me.   

       If your spagghetti is 100% round, and is considered unhealthy. If slicing 12.5% out makes a small improvement in healthiness. If //People that were seeking// could make it even healthier by cutting out 2x12.5%=25% or even 3x12.5%=37.5%.   

       Then surely the more of these percentage reductions you make the healthier your dinner gets   

       Then take your spaghetti and remove 8x12.5%=100% of the spaghetti   

       Now you have a bowl of sauce   

       Eat it with a spoon   

pocmloc, Jan 08 2021

       Making processed food more processed [-]
hippo, Jan 08 2021

       There are already great lengths that pasta makers go to, to introduce grooves, textures and other surface features so as to make their pasta more sauce- adherent. An appropriate nubbin on the spaghetti die that extrudes the spaghetti could achieve this - in fact, I'd be not entirely unsurprised if some variant of spaghetti already exists demonstrating this feature - will try and find out...
zen_tom, Jan 08 2021

       [2fries] I get your drift and I kind of feel similarly. So an improvement for you. Do a 1/8 cheese millifiore version.   

       so instead of pac-man missing a slice he has a <) of pure cheese cofunction at the length of the entire spaghetto.   

       I think they could make this with millifiore technique; get something the size of a roll of sugar cookes, cut 1/8 of it out lengthways; put a big piece of cheese their lengthways then repeatedly roll it out until it was spaghetti diameter.
beanangel, Jan 08 2021

       "make pasta more sauce-adherent."   

       The answer is obvious. fractalized pasta with infinite surface area. You could serve it with Mandelbroth.   

       Later edit: I just found out that 'mandelbrot' is also a twice- baked Jewish cookie, like biscotti. If one were to not-quite half-bake a twice-baked cookie, would you end up with a fractal?
RayfordSteele, Jan 14 2021


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