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New method and technique for peeling potatoes

Improved finger safety and peeling speed using a conventional potato peeler
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To avoid slipping potatoes and cut fingers, begin by holding the potato firmly between your thumb on one side of the potato and your index finger with the middle finger adjacent to the index finger, on the other side of the potato.

Now start peeling in two short-stroke circles outwards, the first circle from your thumb outwards, and then another circle from your two other fingers and outwards.

Once this has been done, continue peeling in the regular manner with long strokes until all the potato is peeled except for the location of your fingers.

Two short strokes on each of the places where your fingers have been are enough to finish a fast peeled potato, with the NMat FoPP method.

pashute, Aug 13 2021

Barthelona woolly pigth. https://www.google....HBeYQ_AUoAHoECAEQAA
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 13 2021]


       Maxwell says, “ Just have the servants peel them!”
xandram, Aug 13 2021

       I believe chefs cutting anything very quickly simply use their own thumb nail as a barrier. The amazing thing is that not many of them use a kind of titanium thumb sleeve.
4and20, Aug 13 2021

       <off topic>   

       My wife and I used to take in foreign exchange students. One year we had a boy from Japan and another from Barcelona, (pronounced Barthelona by the residents believe it or not, something to do with a past ruler having a speech impediment so everyone was made to pronounce it the way he did), aaanyway, we made appetizers for supper one night and one of the dishes was fully loaded potato skins.
He wouldn't touch them. "Oh, we do not eat this." he says, and I'm like,
"Are you sure you don't want to even try one, they're pretty good."
"No, we do not eat this."

       ...and they have woolly pigs there. No, no it's true. [link]   

       “Just have the servants peel them!”   

       My servant is unappealing. (hint: it's me)
AusCan531, Aug 14 2021

       Cool [link] [a1]. From what I can tell that entire paper is based on one language students' conjecture.
Why would I believe that over the words of a native speaker who's family has the exclusive rights to those woolly pigs?

       Woolly pigs rule.   

       Barcelona butts up against Basque country. I don't know the origins of Catalan, but some people do claim that Basque is the oldest language in Europe, old enough that it's not even Indo-European. People in that area can do anything with their tongues that they want to.   

       The other odd claim is that DNA studies show that the Irish are most closely related to the Basque.
4and20, Aug 14 2021

       //Basque is the oldest language in Europe//   

       This is correct. Ligurian went extinct in, I think, the C18th.   

       But Catalan is not Basque and, without googling it, I think it's more likely that the legend of the Spanish lisp really originates in the collision between Latin and Arabic.
pertinax, Aug 14 2021


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