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As the Croissant Crumbles

A HalfBakery soap opera
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Will [po] get her man?
Will [bristolz] get jealous?
Will [blissmiss] get caught surfing the HB at work?
What's happened to [waugsqueke]?

Tune in tomorrow for another exciting episode.

phoenix, Jan 01 2002


       po leaves this soap in a taxi, looks back with sadness in her eyes. Quarterbaker is definitely not interested.
po, Jan 01 2002

       Is nambiar the evil or good twin?
Will globaltourniquet return?
thumbwax, Jan 01 2002

       [jutta] (the mayor of HalfBakerVille) is never seen nor heard, but notes and memos with her signature are found here and there.   

       [mp9man], [Amishman35] and [fleshpeddlar] turn out to be [AfroAssault] suffering from a multiple personality disorder.
phoenix, Jan 01 2002

       PeterSealy is Lex Luthor
lewisgirl, Jan 01 2002

       Tsk, tsk, tsk [lewisgirl]. It's a soap opera, not a cartoon. [PeterSealy] is in the financial industry, right? Obviously he's the rich manager of the local bank. President of the country club, too.
phoenix, Jan 02 2002

       The taxi driver hasn't used soap in weeks
thumbwax, Jan 02 2002

       I thought it was the food of the gods.
angel, Jan 02 2002

       [blissmiss] Never fear. When you regain your memories, you'll discover you're really [sparki]'s long lost sister, missing since you were a child.
phoenix, Jan 02 2002

       - will UnaBubba and PeterSealy discover that they're bitter enemies at halfempty.org?
- will Vernon return and post a new tome only comprehensible by LoriZ?
- episode 3: Attack of the Newbies (to be followed by Jutta Strikes Back).
quarterbaker, Jan 02 2002

       quarterbaker, the taxi driver meant nothing - don't leave..please do not leave me.. I have an incurable disease, we are brother and sister, didn't you know? I need you... please do not go....don't take the cat... the divorce papers ... oh no ...where's the painkillers? and the absinthe? Bristolz don't hog the absinthe.
po, Jan 02 2002

       I wouldn't have to leave you, my dearest po, but I saw you in the inflatable house, playing games with thumbwax. You can keep the damned cat, I'll take the anti-cat. We're not brother and sister - you were adopted. I can't take any more pink food! I'll miss your warm fingers, and your inflatable bra (I only wore it once, I swear), and the moss carpet, but I'll adapt, I'll adjust. No! What are you doing! Put down that apostrophe shooter!
quarterbaker, Jan 02 2002

       thumb and I are just friends really, really. I was not adopted - it was you that was adopted - my mother was really your friend's sister pretending to be our stepmother 's boyfriend in drag - your mother is really the friend of your present boyfriend, Trevor who has been drinking quite heavily and is not very nice actually, but then your father is your best friend's brother-in-laws sister's uncle in law who is living in Peru under a false name for tax reasons (pert oak) do not tell any one about that. you can have the anti-cat and the bra just leave me the address book with the therapist called Jeremy's number - goodbye my love - I will always love you.
po, Jan 02 2002

       good grief
bristolz, Jan 02 2002

       I know but share the absinthe please
po, Jan 02 2002

       (to pert oak, recently departed of this parish) who are you stranger? not my very weird brother in law who wears only leather and smells of smurf by givenchy? I thought you had married my hamster ?
po, Jan 02 2002

       pert oak - you and I have no connection whatsoever - in your dreams mate!- you are trying to stir up problems with me and quarterbaker - we are getting to grips with our problems, like he fancies UnaBubba and well so do I, actually, 240lb gorilla that he is, corrrrrr...and so handsome and virile but he is married with children and I have a better sense of the real world than quarterbaker but he has more fun and gets invited to more parties etc.............
po, Jan 02 2002

       absinthe makes the heart grow fonder
thumbwax, Jan 03 2002

       Who's my daddy?
quarterbaker, Jan 03 2002

       I've returned... and I know all about your evil plans, blissmiss. I have the evidence right here... in this dossier I stole as I made my escape from captivity in quaterbaker's wine cellar....
waugsqueke, Jan 09 2002

       [waugsqueke] returns, [PeterSealy] leaves. Is he gone for good? Why did he leave? Will the truth ever be known? Will it be understood? Is c the limit?   

       Stay tuned....
phoenix, Apr 04 2002


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