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Halfbaked Reality TV

We should make a reality TV show based on this website.
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Reasons to agree

1. It would be a way to try these ideas out in real life, and get more people involved.

2. Who cares about people re-living life like it was hundreds of years ago (Frontier House) or life on a deserted island (survivor)? We need to figure out how we are going to live in the future. Why not get a group of people that have to live life according to suggestions on this website? The producers would probably focus on the personalities, and the conflicts, but underlining it all would be the experimentation with different ways of living.

Origin of Idea I was watching the Simpson’s, the episode where they have to live on one of those reality TV shows where they have to live pioneer life. I am a fan of science fiction, and want people to try living life in the future. Why are we focused on the past?

Subject: A whole city could try this out. A city could try this all at one time, and TV camera’s would document the entertaining parts. Groups could be evaluated by how well they implement these ideas. The apprentice could start using ideas from this website for their weekly episodes.

myclob, Mar 12 2005

The New Inventors http://www.abc.net.au/newinventors/
A show on the ABC. Might be of interest. [Detly, May 28 2005]

Try 'House of the future' for even more links http://www.yesterla...om/futurehouse.html
[Susan, May 28 2005]

Baked Halfbaked reality TV - coming 9/14/05 http://www.usanetwo...adeintheusa/recaps/
(Not to be confused with UK "Made in the USA" starting 9/15) [Shz, Aug 19 2005]


       '...Today in halfbaked city, 55 people were killed after they made the hullaballoon and they actually tried it out, despite the fact that they probably figured out that it defies the laws of physics...'
froglet, Mar 12 2005

       I dunno [froglet] there's always the " Cat Ejection Pack" thanks to [8th of 7]   

       <side note> check it out <side note>
skinflaps, Mar 12 2005

       '...and today in halfbaked city, every single cat was exterminated by [8th of 7]'s 'cat ejection pack as they were all thrown out of a window during a ceremony..' ??   

       Something like that. I'm not too sure as to how it should work, I'm just guessing that the cat'll be protected when thrown out of gardens, windows, and so on. Reading it just confused me some more. : )
froglet, Mar 12 2005

       I'd watch it.
Pericles, Mar 12 2005

       This just in:   

       Fullbakery cereal factory goes to the stockmarket!   

       Southsides roaming fishbowl gang holding hostages at the fullbakery cereal factory.   

       Mayor [Jutta] will not give in to demands for more goldfish. Stay tuned for update.   

       On a more positive note: everybody behaved remarkebly well in trafic. No casualties, no wounded.
zeno, Mar 15 2005

       ...though we're still confused as to the reason for the hovercrafts on the motorway.
david_scothern, Mar 18 2005

       There once was a similar idea here and [jutta] commented that were the show to be done she might like it in Myth Busters style. (I think that's what she wrote; it was a while ago.)
bristolz, Mar 18 2005

       Yeah, I thought po did a soap opera version...
blissmiss, Mar 18 2005

       it was phoenix.
po, Mar 18 2005

       Speaking of, I don't think I got my annual Valentine from the fore mentioned. MIA?
blissmiss, Mar 19 2005

       you got valentines? 2 timing b******
po, Mar 19 2005

       I believe this is the best idea that I have posted to this website.   

       This would be tons better than survivor, or frontier house.
myclob, Mar 23 2005

       How could anyone vote against this idea? What is wrong with it? Why wouldn't it work?
myclob, Apr 09 2005

       //Why wouldn't it work?//
Are you serious?! Have you read the 'Blackholeapult'?
Susan, May 28 2005

       But then it would become a paradox as, for something to be in this show, It would have to be baked and therefore not belong on HalfBaked Reality TV.
hidden truths, May 28 2005

       Mind boggling anno there [hiddentruths].
Susan, May 30 2005


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