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Halfbakery animated sitcom

Promote the half best by showing them in action
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Imagine a sort of urban/suburban Red Green. With the blank canvas of animation it would be possible to construct a world chock full of half baked ideas, then see what happens as characters interact with these devices.

OTOH maybe this could be the basis for a very kewl game, a la Sierra's old cat-and-mouse game "The Incredible Toon Machine" where one could cause a series of events to happen by selecting parts from a kit of animated devices, then running a sim to see if they would interact correctly.

Steamboat, Feb 04 2006

the chainsaw launcher chainsaw_20launcher
an idea you would definatly need for this since it is cartoon based [toomer34, Feb 04 2006]


       Finally my mangled stick drawings coming to life and being horribly killed by my crackpot inventions that if otherwise made in the real world would definitely kill you.   

       laughs off into the distance maniacally scheming more ways to kill the worlds stick figures with one more chainsaw hurtling through the air.
toomer34, Feb 04 2006


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