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Halfbakery TV

Examines whether our halfbaked ideas are plausible...or not.
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Each week on Halfbakery TV, several experts examine several half baked ideas taken from this website, and using research, determines whether such a halfbaked idea is able to be achieved in reality, what sciences and technology would be involved, and if it is practical to do so or not.

Also, they would examine the impact on society if they did eventually come into the world, such as: "How domestic violence is effected by The Lightsaber" or such.

Ordinary people are also surveyed whether they'd like to see 3-Team Hockey, or Thermo-Chromic Ovenware in their homes, or watched on TV soon.

mrkillboy, Jul 21 2000

Broadcast Machine http://participatoryculture.org/bm/
With the broadcast machine, you can create a channel just for the HB community. You don't need to have any networks pick it up. [mos8ball, Aug 20 2005]

Genius http://www.bbc.co.u...comedy/genius.shtml
A BBC radio program in which expects debate the merit of ideas sent in by the public. [dbmag9, Jan 21 2006]


       This isn't an, erm, show-stopper, but idea syndication would be where I draw the line for appropriate use of other people's copyrighted material. (It's (c) by you if you wrote it, even if there's no legalese on a site.) So, there would have to be a lot of planning, finding people with silly names, and signing of contracts first.   

       Reserving the rights to the linkage ninja action figure,
jutta, Jul 21 2000

       This would make an excellent regular segment on an educational kid's show like Zoom (on PBS in the US).   

       And that points to a potential audience for halfbakery (maybe a more moderated version) that's probably not being reached. In fact, whether it's on TV or not, targeting a halfbakery incarnation at kids and adding a research component (for more educational value) would be GREAT, I think.   

       So maybe the name of this idea should be Halfbakery Edu-TV.
syost, Jul 21 2000, last modified Jul 22 2000

       "I, Mickey the Fish, do hereby and heretofore declare and decree that license for the investigation and promulgation of my ideas herein appearing is granted to the proprietors of 'Halfbakery TV', and their servants and agents."   

       Especially 'Vomit Handbag' and 'Thermonuclear Spectacle'.
Mickey the Fish, Aug 25 2000

       How can we make this happen? This would be a really great show. One of the best NOVA series ever was the one where they assembled teams of experts to try to reproduce some of the more baffling construction feats from antiquity. But this could also be entertaining for the less highbrow audience, too. I lived in Germany in the 70s and remember a popular show there that ran about 6 to 8 stories about bizarre things or people, and the audience had to guess during the following week which of the stories were true and which were bogus. A prize was awarded to a randomly-selected person with all the correct answers.   

       My point is that I think there's precedent demonstrating an audience for a show like this.   

       Jutta's right about the copyrights. But I don't think it would be so difficult to get releases, since only a few would likely refuse, and there are enough interesting ideas to simply move on to the next one if someone refuses use of their idea. I only submit ideas here that can't make me any money anyway, but I would like to be asked for permission, just as a simple courtesy (AS IF any of my ideas would qualify, anyway).   

       I wish I could vote twice for this idea. I wish I knew a TV producer who owed me...
beauxeault, Aug 25 2000

       The ideas themselves are not copyrighted, merely their specific expression. As long as the show didn't read the idea word-for-word (and why would they?), it should be fine. If they were feeling extra polite, they could check with the author.
egnor, Feb 04 2001

       There was/is a program on BBC(I think) called It'l never work - it was similar to what you are talking about. So BAKED hehehe...
RobertKidney, Jun 24 2001

       yeah I rember it'll never work but still it's not quite the same as an "official" halfbakery TV mayb jutta could present it and mayb 4 the theme tune we could use 1 of the past tence 3rd person...etc songs I can't actually find the halfbakery songs idea with the strange grammer   

       I voted 4 this idea
GreeboMaster, Sep 16 2001

       Ahem - perhaps there IS money in it
thumbwax, Jan 02 2002

       I did not see this idea when I posted mine, but I did come up with my idea independantly. Should I remove my idea, or is it different? I don't remember seeing this idea here, but the date says July 21, 2000. I guess great minds think alike.
myclob, Apr 28 2005

       who said public access anyone anyone? you could have various halfbakery members take time out from mutiple public access stations in many states. the tv broad cast could be sent over the internet then the ideas that seem most plausible would have a showdown to see which one will recieve the full atention of the halfbakery crew. then using our numbers we could force leglisation and get the idea put into reality. i like the chesshenge idea, haha oh yeah i forget to look at the dates. you can tell how well the idea went ahahahah
10clock, Apr 28 2005

       G4 TV would buy this. All we need to do is, well, do it!
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 03 2007


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