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Astroturf Piddle Pad

Fake grass to pee on
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My wife suggested this one: Astroturf Piddle Pads. A small piece of Astroturf is placed in the pet owner's home in order to encourage use by the family dog. The unit can be either disposable or washable.
kevinthenerd, Aug 12 2008

Potty With PupGrass http://uniquedistri.../puphepodogpo1.html
[leinypoo13, Aug 12 2008]


       set in a base filled with disinfectant.
po, Aug 12 2008

       I'm sure I've seen one of these in a pet shop.
pertinax, Aug 12 2008

       I'd like to see astroturf urinals - for humans - the complex surface of the material should help minimise splashback and other unfortunate occurrences.
zen_tom, Aug 12 2008

       Baked. I saw this on the airline gadget mag. Thought it was a good idea at the time too. See link.
leinypoo13, Aug 12 2008


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