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Autolid Baby Dish

Keep the baby food warmer for longer with minimum effort
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Each soup spoon is a fight. You put the food in, and spitting it comes out. You repeat the process until you decide the baby ate enough of that spoon. Now you can move on to the next one. You lower the spoon towards the dish and when the spoon is close enough, the lid automatically slides open to let the spoon in. You fill the spoon, remove the excess from the bottom using the raised bulge on one of the sides of the dish and raise the spoon for another clash of wills. When the dish detects the spoon leaving the safety area, the lid is closed again to keep the soup warm. During this whole operation your left hand is swinging a colourful toy and your mouth produces unintelligible words in a pathetic attempt to keep the baby distracted.
PauloSargaco, Apr 13 2009

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