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portable dishwasher

A dishwasher for the small apartment or cabin.
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A small, movable, portable dishwasher that does not require electricity. It could be powered by water pressure via hooking up a hose to a faucet.
magnetbox, Jun 20 2000


       There are plenty of small, movable, portable "countertop" dishwashers that hook up to faucets out there, though most of them do require AC power.   

       Without AC, you're dependent on the temperature of the hot water from the tap...
egnor, Jun 20 2000

       I really like the idea of using water pressure to power the water spray and/or some sort of lamp or heater or timer. What about a hand crank?
magnetbox, Jul 11 2000

       They sell 'em in every grocery and convenience store -- a nice little gadget I like to call "the sponge." Also helpful, "the dishpan." Total weight: less than 1 pound Total cost: less than $5
bLymie, Dec 12 2000


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