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Double-Decker Dinnerware

Get the desserts you want before they disappear...
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Standard-issue plate sizes just aren't large enough these days for most Americans at holiday feasts and church pot-lucks, and going through the line twice is simply a bother, especially when Sister Myrtle gets to the last scrapings of those mashed taters before you do. And larger plates are just difficult to package in a standard-issue picnic basket.

Never fear, gluttonous afficianados of mass caloric consumption! The double-decker plate allows twice the plate estate, so your green-bean casserole doesn't have to touch your dirt pudding and the ham can finally rest in its own pristine corner.

RayfordSteele, Dec 16 2010

Just double? http://www.wilton.c...es/304-7915_mpg.jpg
[spidermother, Dec 16 2010]


       (+) The all you can eat buffet is booming, but the double decker busboys want a raise.   

       But how does it work? What about the balance factor? I need further details. (Hi Ray).
blissmiss, Dec 16 2010

       I am guessing it is a deep bowl like a cake pan, with a plate that has a ring around the bottom so it can act as a lid for the bowl. The plate is about an inch wider than the bowl, so it is easy to lift off, with a rim so it can also be loaded fairly deep. You start off with the bowl on the plate, fill the bowl, then switch the plate to the top and keep going.   

       Or maybe it is just a stack of bento boxes. The idea doesn't say. Does it?   

       I hope it isn't a flimsy clip that supports one plate over another while you try to stuff food in from the side. Until it says what it is, it is [ ].
baconbrain, Dec 16 2010

       //flimsy clip// a plate stand sculpture: think StarTrek 3D chess set with different size plates and offsets [+]
FlyingToaster, Dec 16 2010

       These exist in hotels as a metal band and in Tupperware as a tall lid with a recessed handle.   

       You could probably make a flat strip that you bend in to a ring and fasten together.
marklar, Dec 16 2010

       I was thinking a simple detatchable plastic column in the center, but a bowl is elegant, too.
RayfordSteele, Dec 16 2010

       [+] This would be very useful, as I just came from the Christmas party at work and could have used this!
xandram, Dec 16 2010

       I used to serve the elderly big meals during the holidays while working for an assisted living community. Four residents to a table, and there was no place for a second dinner plate so we would serve two plates with a plate cover in between. The covers held the plate on top of them and voila! This way we could serve the meat on one plate the big servings of sides on the lower plate. The covers also kept the lower plate warm, good because some residents ate slooow...
evilpenguin, Dec 16 2010

       An old fashioned cake stand could be perfectly adapted for this (with the addition of a few extra layers); Hors d'œuvre, soup, fish , two entrees, vegetables, dessert, cheese and biscuits, mints.   

       Nine layers - sounds about right. Oh, and castors ...   

       Needs a matching beverage dispenser.
8th of 7, Dec 17 2010

       [8th_of_7] The beaver comes after the second entree and before the vegetables, right? Or is it a second fish course?
mouseposture, Dec 17 2010

       Technically, a beaver is a fruit, so it goes at the end, after the cheese and biscuits.
8th of 7, Dec 17 2010


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