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Vacuum-Insulated ovenware

A wantonly malevolent and fiendishly useless addition to any kitchen
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Insulating things is good right? stop all that heat moving about and creating mischief where it's not wanted. Now, oven gloves and tea towels and things are tedious. Simply buy the new double-walled vacuum insulated oven ware. It works like this... the super-hot family-size lasagna will not be able to conduct it's magma-like temperatures to your hands, allowing you to safely and conveniently remove it from the oven.

This, of course, is lies. The double walled insulation will allow the outside to heat up... but no cooking will take place on the inside, leading to a double whammy of burnt hands and raw food. This is the reward awaiting anyone stupid enough to buy it.

Off-label uses of the dishes for serving already-hot and cooked food will be brutally discouraged that's more this idea <link>.

bs0u0155, Nov 26 2012

Vacuum-insulated-dishware Vacuum_20insulated_20dishware
[bs0u0155, Nov 26 2012]


       [marked-for-category] something:prank
FlyingToaster, Nov 26 2012

       Of course, it would be very useful if one were to heat it up with the lid off, then put it on. The dish will continue to cook for some time, while the oven can be switched off to save energy - or used to cook something else.   

       OTOH, it would be better still to massively insulate the oven.
Loris, Nov 27 2012

       well, Vacuum panels exist for super-cold freezers. So simply re-bake the same tech for an oven.
bs0u0155, Nov 27 2012

       I imagine it already is.
Loris, Nov 27 2012


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