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head stripper

A glass with a vertical shapely sections to deflate beer heads
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As fast as you pour, the three vertical nano structured strips warp any bubbles making them collapse back to fluid. No more can the shaken beer support a froth structure to allow amber fluid to escape one's lips.

Just as Darkling beetles harvest airbourne moisture and money flows from wallets, this nano-structure strips water from the bubble surface via adhesion. Loss of which disturbs the bubbles structural integrity causing a pop and drip of fluid.

The cheap version is stickon, the expensive formed as the crystal dances hotly in the mould.

wjt, Mar 23 2018


       What is alcospume's angle of repose?
pertinax, Mar 23 2018

       Horizontal, but that's no way to speak about the Intercalary.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2018

       <boring old-timer punk fan>I was seriously into Alcospume way before they hit the big time - I saw them play the Brixton Academy in '81 - that was a wild night!</boring old-timer punk fan>
hippo, Mar 23 2018

       They weren't a patch on Tartan Gerbil.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2018

       //Horizontal// but sideways, least it be the last repose.   

       Haven't taken in Tartan Gerbil. Reformed?
wjt, Mar 24 2018

pertinax, Mar 24 2018

       Orthodox sound interesting but it's very hard to be specifically ungenre'd.
wjt, Mar 24 2018

       Could you explain more about how the nano-structure pops the bubble? You said "adhesion", but what adheres to what by what means with what effect?
pertinax, Mar 31 2018

       I was imagining a whole lot of tower shapes such that each tower gap makes a meniscus with a part of the bubble, tearing it and allowing fluid to channel back into glass.   

       Water/beery fluid is adhering to fabricated columns . Scale of course would be very important especially with those proper beers with the smaller bubbles.
wjt, Mar 31 2018

       Thank you.
pertinax, Mar 31 2018


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