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Automatic Coffee Stirrer

For people who add sugar and/or creamer
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This is an idea for an alternative to disposable coffee stirrers, which are pre-cut to particular lengths.

You put your coffee (or tea) cup onto the tray beneath the stirrer.

This activates a weight-sensitive switch.

The machine dispenses a short length of stirrer (probably just a flat strip of plastic), from a large roll it holds inside.

It cuts the length of stirrer, while still keeping hold of it.

It spins the stirrer (whose lower portion is in the cup). This of course mixes the sweetener and creamer into the coffee.

When you lift the cup, the weight-sensitive switch turns the machine off -- it stops spinning the stirrer, and ejects the stirrer into the cup.

This is easily bakable... The question, of course, is who would be lazy enough to buy such a gadget.

goldbb, Jun 08 2009


       The problem with that, is that it needs to be cleaned after each use, for sanitary reasons.
goldbb, Jun 09 2009


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