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Automatic Toilet Cleaning Brush

It's so much better when the brush stays IN the toilet
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This isn't something that comes up in conversation much - your toilet cleaning brush. It's always there in your bathroom though, silently growing bacteria until you're ready plop it back into your toilet - back into your favorite toxic toilet cleaner.

Now there's a better solution - the automated toilet cleaning brush. This brush always stays in your toilet. The brush is attached to a motorized unit that is placed just under your toilet seat. When the toilet lever is pulled, the brush descends and sweeps the toilet bowl in a circular fashion. After the flushing cycle is complete, the brush retracts back under the lid. Cord for the power source is fed out under the lid to nearest electrical outlet. If an electric outlet is unavailable, a battery charged power source could be used instead. The brush & all motorized unit materials would be water and rust resistant.

See links for an ILLUSTRATION.

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flynn, Jan 08 2007

Flynn's Illustration http://bakerflynn.web1000.com/
Illustration of the Automated Toilet Cleaning Brush [flynn, Jan 08 2007]


       Ok.. so let the brush accumulate bacteria under the seat and then the next time you lift it up, there is this brownish goo growing between the bristles because the brush remains in the moist environment inside of the bowl. At least if the brush is outside of the bowl, it can dry out. If it gets too dirty, it can easily be disposed of. If it is inside of the toilet, replacing the brush would be a rather dirty job.
Jscotty, Jan 08 2007

       [Jscotty] Couple of things: - Though not required, it would be best to used this device a cleaning detergent that stays in the toilet bowl, so that the brush is disinfected every time it is used. The brush would be made of nylon, so it would be less likely to breed bacteria. - When the brush is not in use, it is stored above the water level in the bowl, so it does have a chance to dry out between flushes. Of course, the brush would need to be replaced from time to time - I suggest rubber gloves. The benefit is that your toilet would be much cleaner than that once-a-month cleaning most people give to their toilet.
flynn, Jan 08 2007

       [21 Quest] Could it be that you actually LIKE one of my ideas?? :)
flynn, Jan 08 2007

       Brilliant! Add a little nice smelling stuff, and I'd buy one for every toliet in CT.
blissmiss, Jan 08 2007

       Just imagine the look on your guests faces if they courtesy flush whilst still sitting.(+)
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 08 2007

       [21 Quest] Maybe brushes are more fun?
flynn, Jan 08 2007

       //On topic, maybe the deluxe version has a 'tram-track tackler'//   

       Please tell me I'm not the only retard who read that as tram track tickler...
craigts, Jan 08 2007

       Well, no, but I did read "doodling" as "drooling" just a few days back.
flynn, Jan 09 2007

       Taking bait...sorry flynn.   

       Perhaps a self-brushing bibbette, for those dribbling tottie droolers, who are unable to keep up with their doodling counterparts?
blissmiss, Jan 09 2007

       [blissmiss] It's on! Don't sit on the toilet too long doodling. You wouldn't want to get your bottom smacked by the Automatic Toilet Cleaning Brush!
flynn, Jan 09 2007

       I would hate for the brush to operate while the bowl is still "populated". That would be REALLY messy!
Jscotty, Jan 09 2007

       [Jscotty] No worries, the device would be designed so: the deposited matter is gone before any brushing action commences AND that the brush is done cleaning at the same time the toilet is finished flushing.   

       This last item does require that you get up from the toilet before you flush. In blissmiss' case, she might be so busy doodling that she could forget to sit up when she flushes. In this case, she would be smacked on the bottom by the brush.
flynn, Jan 10 2007


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