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Automatic "Edgy"

When you don't have a friend to watch your back.
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Back in my old school days, if the boys and I we were up to no good (no innuendo please) there would always be an appointed 'Edgy'.

This persons job was to keep look out (Edge) for the teachers or otherwise responsible people that were liable to get us into trouble.

Now, in the days of the halfbakery I find myself in an office reading emails, 'surfing' and contributing to sites that have nothing to do with what I'm paid for. I'm sure we could get some kind of early warning system from the likes of security firms but this would be better...

A lifesized doll, looking just like one of your friends at the age of, say, 11. Its rigged with motion detection, optical sensors and image processing able to recognise a person of responsibility (whether you define who it is, or just boss-like stereotypes). If such a person is recognised and is coming your way the 'Edgy' sounds an alarm...[shouts] "TEACHER - LEG IT!!"

This then gives us time to switch our activity to something constructive - or to run away.

Further to this every office member could have one, and they could be equipped with a radio link, so that there is an 'Edgy' network.

(Apologies for similarities to Scare-Carl concept)

Jinbish, Jun 26 2002

Possible model http://www.shykids.co.uk/
[calum, Jun 26 2002]


       For some reason, I prefer this to the "Boss Pedal." I think it might be the fact that you'd have to explain to your boss why there was a tracksuited automaton at the door to your cubicle screaming "Edgy! Edgy! Edgy!"
calum, Jun 26 2002

       My Scare-Carl goes high-tech. I like it.
RayfordSteele, Jun 27 2002

       I know it's really boring to do this, but from the title, I naturally assumed a product that would make anything experimental, avant-garde, alternative, etc. Prisms and mirrors to make everything look like an off-centre camera angle from a hand-held DV camera. Grating techno soundtrack with lots of strange whistles farts and other sound effects. People wearing black clothes stroking their beards. Skateboarders. Goths. That kind of stuff. In a bottle.
pottedstu, Jun 27 2002

       I wonder if this is what the guys at Andersen had to warn them to shred all those documents ?
8th of 7, Jun 27 2002

       I believe it was [blissmiss] who posted this idea previously, in a previous incarnation. It went when the previous incarnation did.
phoenix, Jun 27 2002


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