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surplant the office Fire Blankets with Frolic-Blankets
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To cater for office antics, especially on new year's eve, Frolic Blankets would be stored in rolled up tubes exactly like traditional fire blankets, and positioned in prominent locations throughout the building. The blankets would be sleeping bag shaped, and big enough to easily accommodate an energetic encounter between two participants. When the need arose, the Frolic-Blanket would be pulled out, and deployed where required. Once in place, on pulling sharply of a trailing tab, the blanket would inflate to provide padded cushioning. Blowing on a rubber tube would compensate for any loss of air. After use the blanket would be deflated, washed, dried, rolled up and returned to its container.
xenzag, Dec 31 2005


       you've more chance winning the lottery!   

       hah, I think its a *rollover* tonight.
po, Dec 31 2005

       A likeable idea but this is essentially an air mattress. And what's wrong with against the wall?
berno, Dec 31 2005

       This is why offices have couches, duh.
DrCurry, Dec 31 2005

       I believe these are called "Copier machines"   

       The better versions allow you to fax the historic event to all your co-workers. It's always good to know who's an item, and who isn't.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 23 2006

       Can you tell from the resultant photocopies?   

       "Ah yes, that's Jones all right. I'd recognise that scrotum anywhere."
Texticle, Aug 24 2006


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