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Hide something really obvious from bosses office
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The name of the game is hidden. You have to successfully pinch an item from an important/dangerous person's office/cubicle. you then have to hide it somewhere very obvious in a place where everyone uses. Eg, you swipe the bosses 'special' coffee, then hide it amongst other coffee containers in the break room.

Another version of the game is you go into someone elses office/cubicle, and take a small, non-essential item, like a fave coffee mug, and put it somewhere hidden. The person comes back, looks confused, ignores it. You then progress, throughout the day, swiping stuff from that person's office, until either the day is over, or that there isn't much else to pinch. You then have to successfully put all the stuff back, one by one, the next day, or while you still have enough hours of the day left.

froglet, Apr 01 2005

(?) Wonderful, just wonderful. http://homepage.mac...garethjellyshow.jpg
[paraffin power, Apr 04 2005]


       Almost too late for april fools!
Worldgineer, Apr 01 2005

       'No no no, officer, it's this game that nobody else knows about that someone called froglet told me to play...'
Basepair, Apr 01 2005

       ask k_sra
po, Apr 01 2005

Machiavelli, Apr 02 2005

       this game sounds fun.
benfrost, Apr 02 2005

       Ok, I'm on, but you'll have to testify at my sanity evaluation hearing.
normzone, Apr 02 2005

       Almost as good as the 'swap your cubicle with another down the the tiniest details and tell the occupant of the other "but they've always been like that"' joke. [+]
wagster, Apr 02 2005

       [Basepair] If you actually tried this, and got caught by the boys in blue, it would be your own fault for trying this just because it was based upon an idea published by a 14 year old (me)...
froglet, Apr 02 2005

       The now-classic 'stapler in jelly' trick won't get you in any trouble. Do that.
wagster, Apr 02 2005

       [wagster] How does that work? Sounds interesting...
froglet, Apr 03 2005

       Modified from the Kraft Foods website.   

       STIR boiling water into 1 pkg. (4-serving size) Jello Brand Gelatin in medium bowl at least 2 minutes until completely dissolved. Mix cold water and ice to make 1-1/4 cups. Add to gelatin, stirring until slightly thickened. Remove any remaining ice. If mixture is still thin, refrigerate until slightly thickened.   

       PLACE fruit on bottom of large clear glass bowl. Pour thickened gelatin over fruit. Suspend your boss' stapler in gelatin.   

       REFRIGERATE about 1 hour or until firm. Garnish with additional strips of staples, if desired.   

       Great Substitute: Substitute your favorite Gummy Fruit figure for stapler.
reensure, Apr 03 2005

       This is such a great idea. I also liked [wagster]'s game. These would be great games to play... but I'm too busy playing ping-pong and table soccer at the office already.
Pericles, Apr 04 2005

       We once turfed our bosses office. How he laughed as he handed us our P45s.
coprocephalous, Apr 04 2005

       //Hide something really obvious from bosses office//
Yeah, I tried the secretary...
Ling, Apr 04 2005

       [reensure] Sounds fun. I might do it with my maths teachers stapler, it's personalised with her name on it. I really don't think that she'd appreciate it being put in jelly...
froglet, Apr 04 2005

       I replaced a photo at my in-laws' house. It was a photo of my father-on-law receiving his doctorate surrounded by his family. I Photoshopped it and replaced the family's heads with those of the Simpson's, and replaced the doctorate with a can of 'Duff'. It took them months to notice it.
wagster, Apr 04 2005


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