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Goofing off

reward slacking
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There should be a large money prize for whoever can spend the largest percentage of their workday goofing off. I haven't worked out the details of how you would track it, though.
mrthingy, Sep 06 2000

idler http://www.idler.co.uk/
[mrthingy, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Track it by counting the number of words of new ideas and annotations added to HalfBakery.
hippo, Sep 07 2000

       I'm completing my twelfth hour in two days while at work on halfbakery.com. I only work six and a half hours a day.
raisin, Sep 27 2000

       I like the idea, but feel it could too easily be turned to catch those working hard and punish them rather than rewarding those who deserve it. This is the way these things end up.
lubbit, Mar 26 2001

       I do about twenty minutes worth of real work.   

       A week. And make $50k a year doing it.   

       What do I win?
RayfordSteele, Jan 25 2002

       in UK, P45
po, Jan 25 2002

       Oh yeah!? Well I spend about 6 1/2 hours in school and sleep through most of it.
swimr, Aug 10 2004

       <I work 10 hours stright in a stressful kitchen work environment at break-neck speeds, with the intention of making it a work-out. and when I have a moment I do multi-angled dips and knee raises using the line cooler and oven edge as hand supports or pull-ups and reverse pull-ups on the hook scale in the front of the house. I'm not winning anything in this contest.>   

       Pure hilarity. Thanks for the laugh.
mrthingy, Aug 11 2004

       sounds like super communism, instead of getting paid the same for any amount of work, you get paid more for less!
gnaeuspompeiusmagnus, Aug 12 2004

       What if you did something right, and then they let you goof off, with no consiquences, at least until the next big "thing" came up. Besides that might give you the motivation to take on the so-called "next' impossible task, considering the question becomes did you really think of the first solution insantaniously, or have you whatched it for years saying nothing. Thatd filter things out pretty quick.
afterthought, Aug 12 2004

       As if there wasn't enough uselessness in the world, now you want to openly reward it? [-]
kuupuuluu, Jul 23 2006

       No, let's all become driven automatons instead.
mrthingy, Aug 20 2006


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