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Exam Sneak

Completely laudable and ludicrous, but still...
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Most people dislike exams. I say embrace them with pride and... sneak into exams for subjects that you don't take.

Obviously, all you need is to nip off during the day when you're supposed to be studying and take your, I dunno, Foundations of Math exam when you in reality take Introductory Calculus. You could have competitions with your mates as to how many exams you've taken for subjects that you don't do or how well you do in them, all you need is your candidate number and some bullshite story that you've changed subjects.

Of course, it's paramount that you study and do the exams that you've been doing the past two terms, but I reckon that this would be a fun time-filler, although I don't know what the consequences would be...

froglet, Jun 16 2006


tcarson, Jun 16 2006

       The real trick would be to see how many of these you could pass.   

       Or how old you could be whilst still passing yourself of as a student.   

       This is the academic equivalent of wedding crashing then? No invention to be sure. But it made me laugh.
hidden truths, Jun 16 2006

       I think it's more like going to the multiplex theatre, buying a ticket to one movie, and seeing a couple before you leave.
normzone, Jun 16 2006

       I'd do it. Provided I got to see the result, of course. I'd like to see how much I know about various subjects. Well, maybe I'd do it just for fun.   

       This reminds me of the wife who was helping her husband study for his exam. She took the trial test first off, and scored very well despite a total ignorance of the subject. He never got above half right, ever. They divorced sometime after.
baconbrain, Jun 16 2006

       I always thought I would be interesting to see how many GCSEs/A levels you could get if you just went to all the exams. Obviously you couldn't expect to do that well, but you might scrape a few extra passes. You only had to pay a very small fee to resit an A level exam (less than £10 I think), so I guess it works out as £30 or so per subject at AS level).   

       It doesn't work so well at uni because there is far too much assesment for any one thing. It still could be interesting to do the odd exam though. Of course, at my uni there is an online databse of papers so you could just have a look at that. (If you happened to be studying here that is).
RobertKidney, Jun 16 2006

       Yes, I did do 20 GCSEs, I studied for 12 of them and passed 18, come one, that's got to count for something.
Germanicus, Jun 17 2006

       Come one,come all.   

       //Yes, I did do 20 GCSEs, I studied for 12 of them and passed 18//   

       If that really did happen, I'm not sure whether I'd laugh at the absurdity or cry at the current state of affairs in education. But then again I don't live in England or Scotland for that matter, so I no longer have to worry about it.
froglet, Jun 17 2006

       Reminds me of a funny story.   

       When I was at Uni, after an unsuspectful night of partying I had an exam the following day, which I (though) I went to, but it turns out I went to the wrong one...an exam which I had taken the previous semester. It took me about 20 mins of thinking - wow this stuff is easy, before I re-read the module title and realised my silly mistake. at which point i got up and left the exam hall, with invudulators shouting "You'll get a zero if you leave now"...haha. Although I did actially miss the exam I was supposed to go to, and I got a zero in that. Its funny now...
shinobi, Jun 18 2006

       I did this once. Sat down amongst the crowd and started entering short answers, wrote a little essay. All the most crazy goofy stuff my freshman mind could think of. Then I stood up in distress, crumpled up the exam and threw it down, then stormed out. I had to run because the prof lit after me, no doubt to talk me into coming back. He later proved what sort of guy he was by correcting what was an obvious spoof (submitted under the name Bungston Schagg), and asking any present in the class if they could get the test back to Mr Schagg.
bungston, Jun 19 2006

       All the exams that I've taken so far have 'do not leave' periods (ie, the reading time and about the first half hour of the exam, and the last fifteen minutes), and 'you can leave' periods, and they allow for latecomers.   

       Whilst I dream of doing this, I wouldn't, my school is too small, I'd probably give myself away by giggling myself silly and that people in my year would be giving me odd looks for the rest of the year. Or that they'd ask me to do it again at the end of this year, for the semester two examinations.
froglet, Jun 19 2006

       What happens when you fail all the classes you actually signed up for?
notmarkflynn, Jun 19 2006

       Hmm, I was the smartest person in the class for a couple of courses, and probably a competitive a-hole. But I did it by being the last person out of the testing room every time. I'd have been quicker if I'd've done my homework, probably. Tests are much more fun than homework.
baconbrain, Jun 21 2006


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