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Pen Lid Panpipes

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Some pen lids, I have found make a weird noise when you blow on them. Why not capitalise on this by creating pen lids that make different noises when you blow them. The lids would have to be shaped a bit like on a recorder, and maybe even a few little holes so that you can make different noises. A whole packet could clip together to make a pen lid panpipe.

Of course, it'd get rather irritating after a while.

froglet, Oct 13 2005


       Perhaps the real fun is in the irritating.   

       I'm imagining my former,anal, silence endorsing boss going berserk as the employees are whistling their pen caps. hee hee
dentworth, Oct 13 2005

       Pen lid bagpipes would get rather irritating.
skinflaps, Oct 13 2005

       ...but not as cumbersome as bagpipe pen lids.
coprocephalous, Oct 13 2005

       Satyr ical   

       Good work [froglet]. Welcome back (assuming you went somewhere).
Texticle, Oct 13 2005

       //Good work [froglet]. Welcome back (assuming you went somewhere).//   

       Sorry, haven't been anywhere, just been lurking around(which is somewhat unlike me).
froglet, Oct 14 2005

DrCurry, Oct 14 2005

       Offuce-Bacchus...No, I can't really match you there, [2 fries]. I like the idea though.
Yarr, Dec 31 2005


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