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Automatic number of columns

Allow more than three.
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The layout of the halfbakery is nice and simple, but it wastes far too much space for those viewing with high resolutions. When viewing a category such as "culture", it displays exactly three columns, regardless of how much space is available to the right [link]. This forces the user to needlessly scroll to view the entire list.

If the number of columns were decided based on the current window size, this could be avoided. The only way I know of doing this without java is to get the user's current resolution througn the browser and reformat with a CGI script. Perhapse those with more HTML experience could suggest an alternative.

Aq_Bi, May 02 2005

My view of the culture category http://img203.echo....03/8963/temp6bx.png
Not enough columns. [Aq_Bi, May 02 2005]


       One option would be to let the user specify the number of columns. This value would be stored in a cookie instead of the user's profile, to allow the use of multiple computers.
Aq_Bi, May 03 2005

       Three columns is a good number for reading, I find.
Detly, May 03 2005


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