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Baby Breast Feeding pillows

Pillow for nightime breast feeding
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To avoid having to get up too often in the night to feed a baby the solution could be to have a pillow or attachment to the side of the cot that looks and feels like a breast. It is filled with milk so that when the baby needs a feed in the night it can just roll over and do it itself. No only does this give the mother more sleep but aso encourages early independence in the child
Miss Weston Smith, Oct 21 2002


       Miss, I have a feeling you don't have any children.
hollajam, Oct 21 2002

       It would have to be remotely mounted to avoid the danger of suffocation. Thus there would have to be some sort of feeding tube, and this would have to be permanently attached to the baby's head as babies are no better at finding things in the dark than adults.   

       Also, during the initial introductory phase the tube would need to be attached so it was permanently in the baby's mouth otherwise the baby would not even know the facility was available. (This would probably be a good plan anyway, as many babies have trouble locating a real nipple even when they know it's there and there's someone trying to shove it into the baby's mouth!) Then your only problem would be to stop the baby emptying said pillow before falling asleep in the first place.   

       Other than that I can't add anything to what [hollajam] said. Why not run some trials with an ordinary feeding bottle and a bungee cord, let us know how you get on?
egbert, Oct 21 2002

       I really like this but fear that it would be impractical. Choking, refrigeration, warming and burping being my main areas of concern.
st3f, Oct 21 2002

       hollajam: most of us don't even believe that MWS has any breasts (not ones that could be used for breastfeeding, anyway).
DrCurry, Oct 21 2002

       I'm all woman, thank you very much!
Miss Weston Smith, Oct 21 2002

       Darn. I missed my cue to say, "Nipple envy."
hollajam, Oct 21 2002


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