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Baby Sunglasses

Flexible, semi-transparent strap that baby won't pull off as often
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Sure, you can pick up small-sized sunglasses at any Wal-Mart. You can even get a strap to keep them from falling onto the ground. There is nothing, though, to discourage baby from pulling them off his/her face. They are just too easy for baby fingers to grab.

These 'glasses' would simply be stretchy plastic, a loop perhaps. Of course, the first few times, Junior/Juniorette would pull them off or at least try, but it would be far more difficult, and he/she would eventually learn that life is nicer out of doors with it on.

kluger, Jul 05 2002

Baked http://www.inventiv...nt.com/babybanz.htm
Jeez, use Google, can't you? [DrCurry, Jul 05 2002]

Bad Habit Hinderer http://www.halfbake..._20Habit_20Hinderer
"prevents the hands touching the face" [phoenix, Jul 06 2002]


       DrCurry: not baked. Pay attention, and read the description of the idea, not just the title, please.   

       The link you posted is essentially what I described in the first paragraph. Those are still too easy for the baby to grab and pull off. Now go to the second paragraph. I am talking about something that is simpler, not in any way a fashionable thing, i.e., no frames for the baby to grab.   

       For the record, I did use Google.
kluger, Jul 05 2002

       How about using staples?
phoenix, Jul 05 2002

       Buy them some huge smith/oakley moto-X/snowboarding goggles.
chud, Jul 06 2002

       Just Mind walking this to the point of ridicule, perhaps (if not already there, it seems):   

       Forego the strap, with a tinted helmet. This would serve several purposes:   

       1. Keeps baby from inserting miscellaneous guck into facial openings   

       2. With airtight seal and O2 supplement, allows more freedom for baby, and hence parent/guardian, in waterplay such as in the pool   

       3. Prevents undesirable creepy-crawly ingestion or even exposure; less mosquito bites   

       It could, alternatively, have air holes in the rear hemisphere. Does this belong as a separate idea, perhaps?
kluger, Jul 06 2002

       kluger, you could go all out with a baby space suit. Think of the photos...   

       Or, for the ultimate baby fashion, Darth Vader helmets. It could sense diaper wetness with remote sensors and talk with a James Earl Jones voice: "Luke... I need a diaper..."
RayfordSteele, Jul 06 2002

       Is there really a problem? My daughter was taken skiing (sitting outside mountain restaurants in the sun, etc) from age 6 months. I don't recall she ever wanted to remove those nice sunglasses to get the scary-too-bright-glare effect. In my experience, kids like comfort, and soon learn to accept anything which improves their environment.
drew, Jul 07 2002

       Check out www.babybanz.com. These look exactly like what you're looking for.
archigirl, Aug 30 2002

       indeed if on top of a snowy mountain on a sunny day a baby will have the sense to wear shades because snow-glare makes them uncomfortable, unfortuantely UV light does not make them uncomfortable on its own
chud, Aug 30 2002


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