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Baby Clamp

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I have a young son (Little Sid) who is just starting to discover what his hands are for. Primarily, it seems, they are for getting poo on when I change his nappy. Unfortunatly he is still too young to hold onto a rattle for any length of time so changing time is a constant battle to keep flailing hands out of the way of the business end of the proceedings.

The 'Baby clamp' would make changing the little tinker alot easier. It would be a changing mat combined with an activity centre. You place your baby on the mat and then close the semi-circular activity centre over his or her midriff. While you clean them up they can bang buttons twirl twirly things and do other baby type fun activities.

A side benifit of the clamp is that your baby would not be able to roll off the mat so if the phone or the door goes then you can leave them safely occupied.

rambling_sid, Mar 22 2005

Baby Clamp ~bz [bristolz, Mar 22 2005, last modified Jun 28 2005]

Baby clamp http://quickmedical...papoose_boards.html
[Klaatu, Mar 23 2005]

(?) A common desire, it seems... http://www.surebaby.../changing_table.php
"When selecting changing tables, look for one that has straps that will help prevent baby from falling." [DrCurry, Mar 24 2005]


       I first thought this was a device the clamps a baby's hands down while you change/torture them. I'm relieved. Bun!
froglet, Mar 22 2005

       Do you not have duct tape where you live?
angel, Mar 22 2005

       I'm not sure babies would appreciate this much but bun for addressing the issue.   

       I have vivid memories of it taking the concerted efforts of me and my fella to change my stepson's stinky bum as fast as was humanly possible using a combination of distractions suitable for toddlers and wrestling holds. It was often the only way to avoid poo on the walls.
squeak, Mar 22 2005

       Congrats on the wee one [rambling_sid].   

       Good design, [bris], keeping the handles out of baby's reach.
Worldgineer, Mar 22 2005

       There are several variations on this in the medical arena, for immobilizing infants during x-ray.
normzone, Mar 23 2005

       [bris] err... not quite what I had in mind :) but thanks for the effort!
rambling_sid, Mar 23 2005

       Eye contact is an important thing for babies. The design should be wary of the clamp's height.
eeknay, Mar 23 2005

       Put eyes on the screw.
shapu, Mar 23 2005

       A bun just for making me laugh so hard by seing the illustration
Susan, Mar 23 2005

       Give the little monsters...err..kids some plastic bags to play with and they tend to lay very quietly.   

       I would like an adult version for patients with dementia who like to "finger paint". You'd sell a million of 'em! [+]
Klaatu, Mar 23 2005

       Either it will work perfectly, or your kid will develop claustrophobia
BPhilpotts, Mar 23 2005

       <looks harder at illustration, feels silly, deletes earlier anno>
wagster, Mar 23 2005

       great drawing! very funny.   

       any parents here will clap!
po, Mar 23 2005

       Well, I guess if you close one eye and squint the other, tilt your head just so and barely glance at the drawing, the kid could be wearing footie pajama bottoms...or maybe it's just me.
half, Mar 23 2005

       just you!
po, Mar 23 2005

       And me.   

       Sorry [Bris], it is not only up to your usual standard but one of your best. I just looked at it funny.   

       By the by, do you have a wall of framed halfbakery illustrations?
wagster, Mar 24 2005

       Finally a 2.5 croissant idea, hoorah!
rambling_sid, Mar 24 2005

       That picture is priceless.
skinflaps, Jan 22 2007


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