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Diaper Dipstick

check out your baby
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No more uncertainty about papoose pee or poo, and no more need to explore diaper depths with nose or fingers to know if it’s time for a change. Just raising the cotton tipped dipstick a bit will tell you if bambino’s bottom has done a number one or two on itself. Capillary action or discoloring, respectively, produces the warning indication.

The stick is housed in a soft, clear, thin tube that is placed between derriere and diaper when changing and can be discarded after use since it breaks down quickly in nature. It’s equipped with a patented odor lock and is available in a variety of colors, though not yellow or brown.

FarmerJohn, Aug 18 2003

Wetness Indicator http://www.lambi.co...english/feature.htm
Unique gold lines that turn blue letting you know when your baby is ready to be changed [half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

White Dipsticks http://www.halfbake...a/White_20dipsticks
[Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]


       How about a periscope?
phoenix, Aug 18 2003

       Built in to each diaper? (changes a faux wet one--somehow got all bunched up and felt full, but wasn't) Could be an indicator spot on the waistband, where a #1 or 2 appears. Big wet poopy croissant for you.
oxen crossing, Aug 18 2003

       Unique gold: an ore exclusive to the baby diaper industry.   

       Maybe a wetness transducer that plays a little song when wet? Perhaps Bowie's "Ch-ch-ch-Changes."
bristolz, Aug 18 2003

       I think Junior was smiling at me. (checks dipstick) No look, he really was.   

       I'm guessing that FJ has not had a lot of experience changing diapers. Even if your nose does not warn you, the ambient noise level will.
DrCurry, Aug 18 2003

       don't hold your breath blissy. let me re-phrase that; hold your breath, pass the peg.   

       I like it FJ. could that dipstick be painted white?
po, Aug 18 2003

       I'd like a big green light on the back to indicate that everything is normal. It then flashes yellow in the presence of 1, and blinks bright red in the second instance (with loud repeating klaxon).
waugsqueke, Aug 18 2003

       How about transparent diapers?
DeathNinja, Aug 18 2003

<takes deep breath>
HA HA HA HAHAHAHA!! UH HUH, huh, huh, uh huh.
k_sra, Aug 18 2003

       [bristolz],Ha Ha Ha!, "Time to face the Changes!"
Zimmy, Aug 19 2003


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