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Baby Dippper Diaper System

Automatic Baby Cleaner
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Hold the baby under the arms in a waist high machine (enclosure goes from waist to below the feet of the baby). Gentle swirling water, then drying air, do the job of cleanup in an enclosed cavity. You just put on the new diaper. No muss, no fuss, except when you clean the filter...
Balki Bartokomous, Jul 12 2008


       You know that rubber stuff you can buy, and you dip the handles of your pliers and other tools in it, to renew the rubber grips? What if the machine filled with a baby-safe version of that, and you could just dunk their bottom half in there, then let it dry for 3 seconds... instant diaper!
napoleonbag, Jul 12 2008

       poop has bacteria. You'll need a wash and rinse cycle.
Voice, Jul 12 2008

       How will you prevent drippage on the way to the wash?
Voice, Jul 12 2008

       So basically this is a baby bidet
The collector, Jul 13 2008

       [napoleonbag], that's exactly what I was expecting when I saw the title, but it would work like a condom and that's not good.
MisterQED, Jul 13 2008


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