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Clear diaper

self explanatory
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Imagine this scenario.You come home from work tired and hungary.You eat and assume position on the couch in such a manner that you want to remain undisturbed.Just as you fall into that completed relaxed mood ,your wife yells downstairs to check and see if the baby needs a clean diaper because she thinks she smells something.The dog could have farted,the cat could have farted,it could be a number of things ,and as much as you love your little tot ,you really don't want to get up,but you do.My idea is to put on my child 100% clear transparent diapers ,so you could make a simple observation from your looking post on the couch,then reply back to headquarters that she must have smelt somthing else.
SuperHole, Sep 20 2006

HB spell checker Halfbakery_20spell_20checker
Superhole, I suggest you don't post the spell checker, it has already been half baked. Don't make me pre [MFD] it. [fridge duck, Sep 20 2006]


       It's nasty, but somehow, I can relate. A solidaritic bun for you.
zen_tom, Sep 20 2006

       hungary(sp) I rarely come home as an entire country. Also you seem to miss your spacebar after you use punctuation.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 20 2006

       <double pedantry>a period should be followed by two spaces. At least that is the way I was taught.</double pedantry>
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 20 2006

       //a period should be followed by two spaces. At least that is the way I was taught.//   

       <extreme pedantry>   

       In real English it is called a full-stop, not a period.   


       A full stop is only followed by two spaces if using tradtional rules for typewritten text. Using present-day rules for wordprocessed text it is more common and considered correct to use a single space.   

       </extreme pedantry>   


       1. ^ "Use one space (not two) after these punctuation marks [sc. period, question mark, exclamation point, or colon], as the practice of using two spaces is just another holdover from using a typewriter." Schriver, Karen A, Dynamics in Document Design, Wiley, NY, 1997, p. 502   

webfishrune, Sep 20 2006

       oh, pleeeese people.   

       perhaps nappies (diapers) should have rules of grammar printed all over them.
po, Sep 20 2006

       Yeah, other babies could point at the exclamation mark when they feel a big number 2 coming.
skinflaps, Sep 20 2006

       Dispense with the diaper. Put the kid in the yard until he learns to behave.
ldischler, Sep 20 2006

       Punked? [Phlish]? You say punked? You want to see spaces after a period why don't you put a dot in one ear then look sideways through the other one (using some sort of periscope/mirror/monkey contraption, of course.)
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 20 2006

       I think 2 spaces helps clarify the mark in use as certain fonts make it difficult to read the punctuation accurately. This is of course only my opinion on the matter.
jhomrighaus, Sep 20 2006

       I don't like the clear diaper idea. It would have to be made of plastic and not good for the child.   

       I only put one space after a full-stop and it seems to be plenty of room. I'm not a pedant nor a very good typist, so maybe I shouldn't really say anything, but then again, I just did.
xandram, Sep 20 2006

       Transparent diapers would not have to be made of plastic. They could be glass. Which would make them dishwasher safe, too.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 20 2006

       Putting two spaces after a final (i.e. '.', '?', '!', '&#8253;') is known as 'French spacing". We have had a discussion similar to this in nature at another location within the Halfbakery.
dbmag9, Sep 20 2006

       I learn so much here. It's never what the idea is about, but it's fun. I learned to use two spaces in typing class many years ago, and had never been told to use one space, I just sorta picked it up. By the way, this web page displays only one space, no matter how many I put in. I put thirteen after that last period. So let's not fight about it.   

       Clear diapers? How? You could just wrap the baby in plastic sheet, but it wouldn't be absorbent. Until you give us half of how to do this, I'm giving a fishbone.   

       And, eww, gross to look at, Number 2, Number 1 or at zero, even.
baconbrain, Sep 20 2006

       This is baked, in the form of sandwich bags and sticky tape.
fridge duck, Sep 20 2006

       I think there could be a big, perhaps super (no, scratch that) hole stragically placed in the nappy that a certain amount of solid can descend to a window covered in cellophane may be observed...   

       I also think I have given up defending this one.   

       thank gawd, my kids are potty trained - bless 'em.
po, Sep 20 2006

       Baked. Kiddie pools and slingshots.
daseva, Sep 20 2006

       I suppose that this idea has nothing to do with boarding a aircraft with the little one then.
skinflaps, Sep 20 2006

       oh thanks,flaps. I thought there was some conspiracy that I was not part of, that the idea itself was not discussed...   

       diaper yuck boring?
po, Sep 20 2006

       I don't think that I would want to be close enough to be peeking through transparent nappies only to discover that I can now see bowel movement occuring before my very eyes, yet alone observe as to what I have to fix. (awaiting the OT grammar police)
skinflaps, Sep 20 2006

       that was talc!
po, Sep 20 2006

       The transparency should go, I mean really, nobody wants to see that shit, so why not have the diaper go all tie dyed or something in reaction to moisture. That way it doesn't curdle your gut but mom'ndad still know the eagle has landed.   

       You all have been so helpfull , my next idea I will post is a "spell check" for HalfBakery , for Half Spellers like myself ,Galbinus made my day :)
SuperHole, Sep 20 2006

       Much better than having to use the finger test.
fearlessatmosphere, Sep 20 2006

       //finger test//
I am SO never having kids. [-]
m_Al_com, Sep 21 2006

       //Galbinus made my day//   

       I did? For poking [phlish] around? Or being an insufferable twit?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 21 2006

       Ugh, but [bun]
Dub, Sep 22 2006

       [boysparks] What year of college is she in, again?
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 22 2006

       I had actually come up with the same idea, and had came up with it under the theory that... well... it would *definitely* be popular at nudist resorts and such!   

       Incidentally, does anyone know what was in that Youtube video? I get an error message saying the video had been removed at the request of CBS for copyright infringement. Is there another copy of it somewhere?
NomadOfNorad, Jul 08 2007

       //followed by two spaces//   

       //one space (not two)//   

       //2 spaces helps clarify//   

       //two spaces after a final //   

       //I learned to use two spaces//   

       If you had two spaces in the diaper you'd only have to change it half as often.
nuclear hobo, Jul 08 2007

       How about a Nappy (Diaper) that changes colour when it comes into contact with liquid? I really don't fancy seeing poop squashed against a see through nappy.
S-note, Jul 09 2007

       Clear nappies, single spacing, hate 'em both. I'm with the French spacing, Global Hypercolour nappy parties.
wagster, Jul 09 2007

       I'm all for calling anything "French Spacing" because it sounds gloriously dirty.   

       Moving on: I'm with [po]'s "Extrusion chamber" idea. Minimal view, maximum effect.   

       Or, perhaps take a nod from pregnancy tests? One stripe on the diaper, it's...well, number one. And so on. Three stripes and you have an emergency requiring a hose, a masonry bit, and the army of a small nation.
shapu, Jul 09 2007

       Who fancies coming over to my place for a nightcap, and maybe some French Spacing?
wagster, Jul 09 2007

       Oh, wagster, that white space after your full stops is so ... big ...
jutta, Jul 09 2007

       Maybe there could be a clear *area* of the diaper, covered with opaque fabric that you could quickly lift and reattach to reveal the plastic window.
phundug, Jul 09 2007

       Would you like to see my...   



       paragraph spacing?
wagster, Jul 09 2007


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