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Baby mouse

Computer mouse for small children
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Small children (3-4 years old) have difficulty using the mouse supplied with most computers as it (a) doesn't fit into their hands, (b) has buttons too far apart, and (c) is too heavy to allow fine control. So scale the whole thing down to about half the normal size and you've got the perfect small kids' mouse.
hippo, Apr 19 2000

(?) Microsoft EasyBall http://www.microsci...on.ca/easyball.html
Bigger, not smaller; I have no idea how well it works. This was the best link I could find. Apparently the product has been discontinued. [egnor, Apr 19 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Macally iMouse Jr. http://www.macally....cs/usbimousejr.html
Two-button mini-mouse for USB-equipped machines, intended for use with Mac laptops. At least a few techie women I know have adopted it as their full-time mouse due to its small size. [jplummer, Apr 19 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]

(?) Kids Size Animal Shaped Mice http://www.mousestuff.com
Cute mice for kids & kids at heart! [LoriAnn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

An example of a small mouse http://en.wikipedia..._portable_mouse.jpg
[BJS, Apr 06 2007]


       we have imac's at the office where i work. those mice are just about right for kids hands. as for me, i think i'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome...
urbanmatador, Apr 21 2000

       I suffer from a similar problem. I have been using the Microsoft™ Intelimouse Explorer with the extra-special-super-duper eye thinger. The mouse is quite a bit larger than a standard mouse and <gasp> ACTUALLY FITS MY HAND!! Now, whenever I use a mouse anywhere else, I have to schrinch my had up..... <grumble, grumble, grumble>
dontthink, May 07 2000

       Our Atari computer when I was a kid (which tells you about how old I really am) had a mouse comparable to the one I use today. I never had any trouble.   

       A computer at my public library is equipped with the EasyBall. I've frobbed it a little, and I can't say I'm impressed. My idea of a good trackball involves a base that won't move, a ball comparable to a billiard ball, and extremely well-lubricated rollers for said ball.
eritain, Jun 13 2000

       did they come up with a wireless one yet cause i really get pissed of by that stupid wire that always tangles around all the objects on my desk?
brutus, Jun 27 2000

       Wireless rodentia DO exist, radio, infra-red, and soon bluetooth versions
philosphus, Jun 27 2000

       Hi. These already exist in Japan. They sell VERY small mice in any computer store. Just perfect for kids.
yesjapan, Jul 03 2000


       There's another mouse out for kids: the Logitech Kidz Mouse. Kinda cute- it's actually a plastic mouse, and the buttons are the mouse's ears. It's an excellent size for very small hands.
BigThor, Aug 04 2000

       My kids use a TEAC Baby Mouse. Rosie is 5œ and Daniel is 2œ.
gwpurnell, Jan 31 2001

       Washable, waterproof & jam-proof. Logitech used to make a mini-trackball for notebook computers. I bought one - very cute & small. But it quickly broke down.
gz, Apr 27 2001

       Is anyone willing to sell a Logitech Kidz Mouse? By the way, there are colorful small mice at KidzMouse.com, though they're not the Logitech species...
MarkFrez, Aug 24 2001

       sounds similar to the one i have for my laptop. I hate the little touch pad, so I bought a "note-book mouse" it's basicly a wireless mouse that is considerably smaller than your average!
Weirdo55, Feb 20 2004

       This is now baked.
BJS, Apr 06 2007

       As long as we're changing mouse sizes the bigger ones could be called rats and the smaller ones called cockroaches. Why not one big enough to sit on and ride around the room. Two or three connected to a computer could make a dodgem game for kids.
JSand, Apr 08 2007

       3-4 year old kids have no business using a computer. They should be outside playing (with coats if the weather is cold). The time for kids to use a mouse is when their hands are big enough to use one. I have trouble getting my computer away from my 18 year old without passing infants muscling in on the action! Grrrrrr.
FussyPedant, Apr 08 2007


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